1000 miles day 1

I decided this year that I will do the “1000 miles in 2017 challenge”, details of which can be found HERE with a Facebook group to join in with HERE. I also want to do more with Black & White photography, and to use my iPhone apps which were so neglected last year when I did my 366 with the FujiX-T1. I’m not really an phone-photographer and much prefer the Fuji, but the walking is of equal importance and I don’t want to be hindered with camera & lenses. In order to complete the 1000 miles I need to average 2.75 miles per day, but some days will need to do more in order to make up for shorter walks at this time of year when it gets dark early and I’ll be walking after work in the late afternoon. I have an app on the phone which measures my mileage and steps automatically, but am also using an app Map My Walk which gives details of your route and also lots of other bits and bobs.

Yesterday I had a limited time to walk as we went out to visit Phil’s sister for the afternoon and evening, but got my average done.

Some shots along the way.

Not the best of roads

Still a few red berries about, but not many colours to catch the eye.

Ominous clouds!

A panoramic view

One of the signposts, I turned left, ended up going in a circle back to here then turned right!

Bridge over a railway and view

obstacle of wateriness


24 thoughts on “1000 miles day 1

  1. Some of those scenes are a lot like my walks with Ollie. At least it was dry today, though very cold. I have just got back myself, having been out walking around since 1:50 pm. No idea how many steps or miles, but enough. I didn’t sit down once today, and walking in my new heavy wellingtons has made me realise how much I prefer walking in the summer.
    Well done, FR.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Well, there you go! A good way to start the year, multi-task, get off the duff, and so on. You might also get a Fitbit – it has some cool stuff on it and actually nags you to put in at least 250 steps / hour. I have one, and it works great; additionally, it syncs with your phone.

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      1. I am not sure 1,000 miles would be realistic for us with winter and work – maybe if one were milder, it would be easier. Choppy and I regularly do 2.6 miles over the course of a day during spring, summer and fall. Then winter strikes, and getting in 1.3 miles gets difficult with the lack of sunlight and absurd Wisconsin cold.

        I’ll be cheering you on to 1,000 from here!

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    1. Haha more like WHitesnake ‘Here I go again” πŸ™‚ I’ve completed 3 so far. if you press on the follow button they’ll come up in your reader. Must say I’m hating the iPhone and much prefer my Fuji, can see that change coming!!

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      1. Ok. I will mention that I refuse to use my iPhone as a camera except. To remember something at the hardware store or to copy a note or address. I have great cameras that do such a spectacular job.

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