1000 miles day 2

A beautiful sunny day today but very cold, and the puddle water was frozen all day, and the paths had black ice to negotiate along the way.

Ice ice baby

First lesson in walking, Ice is not your friend. Pretty as it looks sometimes and in spite of good walking boots, I nearly came a cropper several times. Eventually I DID become a cropper and landed on my arse after the ice decided my boots didn’t need to be on it. Grazed elbow and sore coccyx but at least I was spared the mortification of anyone seeing me. 🙂 Who knew this walking malarkey could be so injurious??

I started down the same route as yesterday but turned off on a different pathway hoping to get to the small wetlands at Hebburn

nearly there

I love to come here and see the moorhens, ducks and swans, though no swans about today

I walked all around the lake and came to the little bridge across an overgrown stream

hello me

and then set off back hoe. Not long after avoiding the ice on the path up the hill, the bit on the downside got me!
It’s a nice walk back and I have a fondness for this little tree which I think must be dead as it never has leaves on it or gets any bigger.

Further down the road is a horsey place, and as I was walking along 2 girls came out with horses to put them into one of the nearby fields. As I passed them I heard them shouting and when I looked back one of the horses had escaped and legged it, with the 2 girls chasing gamely after it, not a great photo and you can just make out the horse in the distance. I should think the horse won. 🙂

The horsey place

Back through the woods on the way home, love the low sun through the trees

and the shadows it makes through the railway fence


17 thoughts on “1000 miles day 2

  1. A longer walk today, but a shame about the fall on the ice. Walking sounds easy, but as you are discovering, it has many pitfalls!
    Some nice views though, so worth the effort. Well done!
    (That horsey house is a bit OTT for my taste though…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Nice work! Adding photography to the walk is fun, and playing with your apps. I still have a week off from work, so life is pretty easy right now, lots of time, but back on the 9th is when all my intentions for the new year will be challenged.

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      1. Believe me I’m not.. after the even more stupid remarks he made in the last few days. I can’t help but think it.. and I feel better saying it out loud, I was giving myself an ulcer b4 and he’s not even worth that!!!!

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  3. In the Brighton area where I live everywhere is very hilly, and if it ices up too badly there are a few roads that are almost impossible to ascend on foot or car (while descending isn’t much better!) – the missus actually bought some spiked shoes for such days! Lovely shots.

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