1000 miles day 5

“Hiya Fraggle, are you ready to go?”
‘Yep, where are we off to?’
“Well it’s a beautiful sunny day out there, but really cold, so I thought we’d do a longer version of yesterday, around Wardley, so we can get back in the warm ASAP.”
‘OK, lead the way’

“Don’t you love it when the sunlight picks out the tree leaves Frags?”

“I love this bent old fence with the circles, that’ll be a good one for Fence Friday!”

‘Well I like this horses head one, totally bonkers for a semi-detached house on an estate’

“Ah look, these berries match my jacket!”

“And this bush!”

‘Talking of bonkers, this is rather tropical, surprised it grows so well up here’

‘Pretty flowers’

‘I like the footprint in the cement here’

“Get a shot of the butterfly fence Frags”

“How do plants grow in cement?”
‘I have no idea Frego, maybe because the mortar is porous so holds water well, not sure really.’

“Haha look at our shadows!”

‘Men at work, maybe fixing a TV ariel’

“Whoops there goes the neighbourhood!”

‘Yes I heard a lady in the shop complaining about it, but I rather like it’s chutzpah myself’

“Well Fraggle we can turn here for home or go back the long way through the woods, what do you think?”
‘I think we’ll go the long way, I’m good yet’

‘This is the bridge I crossed the other way on Tuesday, I took one in B&W, but I’m liking colour today’

‘Look Frego, two for joy’
“Yep like me and you Frags”

“Look Frags I’m walking on thin ice!”
‘No change there!’

“What’s that building?”
‘Wardley Colliery, it’s falling to bits now’

“Ah, backlighting shots Fraggle, the sun’s low now”

‘It’s getting really cold now Frego, lets get home and have some hot chocolate.’
“Yes, that was a good walk wasn’t it?”
‘Indeed I quite enjoyed it!’

3.72 miles

8 thoughts on “1000 miles day 5

  1. hahaha love it, you really need to think about what i told you last time.. i love these stories fraggy.. and maybe ill even remember its fergo instead of fergy:)))
    awesome captures, you got a bright day, i really enjoyed this Post Fraggy.

    Liked by 1 person

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