1000 miles day 7

“This is a bit of a late start Frags”
‘Yes, I had things to do, had to drive Phil into Newcastle and back. Not to worry at least it’s not raining today.’
“No but it is very gloomy, no matter, we’ll do our best. 3 miles today I think, around the little wetlands and the pathways to and from it.”
‘OK, lets go’

‘This is the only snowman we’re likely to see, don’t really get snow anymore.’

“Lovely red berries Frags”

“What on earth is that horrendous noise Frags?”
‘It’s some complete twonk with a motorised boat, chasing the ducks with it’
“Shoot him Frags”
‘I wish’

“The birds are keeping out of his way now”
‘They’re not daft’

“Our pictures will be gloomy today”
‘Yes, but that’s how it is sometimes, just have to find colours and shapes where we can’

“Nice reflection but look at that sky!”
‘Hope it doesn’t dump on us!’

“Ooh a moorhen in a patch of light!”
‘Got it’

“Another fence to add to my collection”
‘You have a thing for fences’

“Well that’s the first time I’ve seen piebald sheep! Who knew?!”

‘They’ll make nice wooly jumpers’

‘Running man!’

“That’s curly wurly”

“Strange place for a door”

‘here’s one on a house at least’

“Let me get a shot of the old colliery Frags”

‘The appliance of science’
“Why don’t people take them in for recycling?”
‘I dunno Frego, I think they’re just lazy oiks’

“I think this road was modelled on the Somme”
‘I concur’

“Well that’s enough doom and gloom, lets go home and get a cup of tea”
‘OK Frego, see you tomorrow, hope it’s not as grim as today, how did we do?’
“3.32 miles today Frags, 21 & 1/2miles this week, we’re right on target!”

5 thoughts on “1000 miles day 7

  1. That was at least as far as I managed today, as the mud was so deep!
    Loving Frego of course, and that ‘Curly Wurly’ shot.
    Shame about the dumping of the white goods. Fly tippers, no doubt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, it quite distresses me to see the amount of rubbish that is left in the woods, I can’t think of them as ‘ fly tippers’ which sounds somehow benign, to me they are scumbags, and it is not great to feel that way.


      1. I am with you on that, FR. So-called ‘House Clearance’ companies who just dump the stuff away from CCTV cameras, and avoid paying the charge in the Council dumps. It goes on around here all the time too. Scumbags is a very suitable description.

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  2. very kool walk Fraggy and Fergo… yeah we have the same problem here with people just putting big items where ever. not so much in the burbs.. but i do see it in the city. awesome fence shots. and i love that door way… i love’em all!!!

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