1000 miles day 8

“Hiya Frags, ready to go?”
‘Yep where are we off to today?’
“Well I spotted a cycle path on the outskirts of the estate the other day, so I thought we’d explore that.”
‘OK let’s rock’

“Pigeon post!”

“That’s a long straight path Frags”
‘lets get on the go then’

‘Curly ivy’

“Oh blimey Frags, good job we’ve got our hiking boots on!”
‘Try and go round the outside’

“Take a picture of me on this mountain”

‘Oh good, signposts’

‘I do like curly old ferns’

“Lovely day today Frags”

“Look the moon, that means it’s a dark night in Australia”
‘I guess so!’

“Oops gone past our turning, but nice walking back into the sun”.

“Lovely sparkles on the little stream Frags”

‘Oh we’ve ended up back at the wetlands!’

“I bet that’s the same moorhen as yesterday, all the others are in pairs except this one.”
‘Hmm not sure about that! There’s quite a few about.’
“Don’t argue Frags, I know it’s him.”

‘Beautiful reflections Frego’

“Yes but where are these ripples coming from?’

‘From your lonely pal!’

“It’ll be lovely here when Spring comes and all the trees have leaves again”
‘Can’t wait!’


“Ah my favourite sheeps are still here”
“Sheeps, silly, there’s more than one obvs”

“Let me get some of them”

“They’re so cuddly. OK Frags, home we go!”

4.07 miles

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