Across The Pond 1~ Jan 31 2017

I’ve written before about my good friend Kathy who lives in Rochester,new York USA, and who I met (virtually) on Flickr, can’t remember how many years ago. We stay in touch on Facebook and messenger and also here where she has her own photographic website HERE. In 2014 Phil and I went over to visit Kathy and her husband Dave, and had a great holiday, our first, but hopefully, not last trip to the U.S.A. (I think we’ll be let in again!) We were so looked after, and taken to lots of beautiful places, and Kathy & Dave and their friends that we met were all lovely people, and really welcoming to us. One of our best holidays ever. Kathy is a really unique photographer, a whizz with artistic iPhone shots, and also with her fuji. I love her work.
So this year we are doing a photographic collaboration, where both of us, on the last day of each month, will take an iPhone square shot on a given theme, and put them into a dyptich, side by side. No rules other than to make the shot square and on theme, process however we like and see what we come with.

January 31st theme is ‘Water’, and because our respective weather systems are both set to miserable we both chose to shoot indoors, and here’s what we came up with.


28 thoughts on “Across The Pond 1~ Jan 31 2017

  1. hahaha very nice Fraggy, im blushing over here. you have taught me so much over the years about photography. i may be one step ahead on the iphone only beause of my (past) job…..sitting on a bus all day has it moments:))).
    im glad to be doing this with you, makes me feel that much closer to you..for a bit… thats one big pond between us. and one day Dave and I (still) hope to make it over to you and Phil. im loving our first effort!!!! thank you my Friend XX

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