Thursday Thoughts

When I was doing my 366 last year, photography was paramount, and often got in the way of life.  Now that’s finished, and I’m in a less regimented photography schedule, I find I really have to work at switching ‘creativity’ on.  When I was doing it every day, my brain seemed to be in a constant mode of thinking about the next picture, planning for it and getting it done.  Now I am more or less free and I read a book, or do housework (never known for it last year!).  I am glad I made Monday, Thursday and Friday deadlines for myself or my camera would be gathering dust!  Also Sophie and I have started going out at weekends again, so Fraggle Reports are being prepared when I’ve finished 2016’s over on the other blog.

It is hard to be original, photography is a huge thing, and whilst there are a few photographers out there who push the boundaries (check out this guy HERE ), I am not one. I find I tend to be inspired by (plagiarise unashamedly!) pictures I’ve seen and want do do my own version of.  It gives me something to focus on, think about and figure out how to do it, then do it a bit different.  Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing but I like doing it and if I give credit I think that’s OK. Sometimes though so many people have done similar stuff you don’t know where the original idea came from so you just have to carry on regardless.  Landmarks of course are fair game, every photographer in the North East just about has shot the Tyne bridges from similar viewpoints, especially at night.  Frego was my idea but I’d seen lots of similar things done with lego people, (check out this guy HERE).

Recently I saw some toy cars on Flickr ( check out HERE)  so I’m doing my own versions, original-no,  fun-yes, learning curve- yes, result!

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. The toy cars are fun, and the Lego guy is doing some inspired stuff But I preferred the simplicity of Frego, to be honest. Von Wong is achieving some monumental images, but he has a team, special lighting, and who knows what other equipment.
    I think it’s good that you have more time to do other things. But I don’t believe you didn’t do housework. I have seen those interior shots of your place, and it looks immaculate! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I don’t think there are any original ideas…When I’m making art even if I think I’ve had an original idea, as soon as I start doing I see a zillion other people have done it. It’s just about putting your own twist on things…In a way the ideas are the building blocks of a visual language that you use to say something… I think..Love the car!…I always love your photos reports too…Your pics are always quality 🙂

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  3. I drive a VW Beetle – I only wish it was that colour!

    I agree that there aren’t really any original ideas anymore. Hasn’t everything been photographed? All you can do is take pictures of what you see, and sometimes you put your own mark on it and we see it through your eyes, and that’s a pretty cool thing.

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  4. Very nice Fraggy. And in my opinion.. people mimic the ones they admire;) like me and littleO. All you!!! As you are aware of. I don’t like when I hear another photographer say. Oh that person stole my shot. No such thing, every one sees things differently.
    I know your weren’t that harsh in your words, but I have heard that, and it drives me bonkers. Yeah another one of your words:)) enjoy your week end Woman, we have one more nice day.. and it’ll be back to winter, but at least it’s getting lighter in the am, and staying that way longer :)! 😍

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  5. Nothing wrong with following the lead of someone else – writers have been doing it since…well, probably since people started writing things down! And really, who ever gets tired of looking at photos and paintings, even if they are similar to other ones? I certainly don’t!

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  6. I often think that about what I write– as if I’ve stolen ideas from someone else. I, too, like to give credit when I can However, the more I do this, the more I’m convinced we can still make it our own. Sometimes the best ideas come outside inspiration! Frego was a cute series, btw. 😉

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