Thursday Thoughts

I guess most of you reading this will know that our cat Skye got too ill to carry on at the weekend, and on Tuesday the trip to the vet happened, bloody traumatic but I’m sure those with pets will know the score on that one.  I don’t want to bang on about how much it hurts, or how many tears I cried, or how I howled over her when I got her back home, that about covers it. Today Phil dug a hole next to where her sister Storm  was buried in the garden last year, and we put Skye in the ground. I have no more tears, the pain is screwed up inside me and there it stays, I have a fair bit of practice at that.   Skye was Phil’s special friend and today has been hard on him.

But I want to remember her as she was before she got poorly, a slightly bonkers, incredibly friendly, loving cat, beautiful to look at and so damned cute. We miss her so much already.  ❤

14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Oof. It’s so hard to say goodbye to pets who are basically members of the family. You feel their absence keenly, Big hugs to you both. Remember how much brightness she brought into your lives.

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  2. Although I was out and about for my birthday, I didn’t forget you and Phil. I have walked away from two cats and four dogs in the Vet’s, so know exactly how you feel. You gave her a wonderful life, and a fitting tribute.
    No cat was ever happier, or better loved, I am sure of that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Fraggs, what a sweet tribute to your baby doll, Skye. I really love the picture of her nuzzling her face into her paws. I’m so sorry. Know that pet parents everywhere shed a tear with you. There is no pain like this. Sending hugs.

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