Friday Film Shot

A gorgeous sunny spring day today, played with my SX70, my Jobpro 600 and finally got round to shooting with the Lubitel 166B TLR, not sure what I’m doing with it but will see when the roll is complete and I get it developed. It’s a devil to operate and I’ll do a report on it when I’ve got any pictures from it. Happy day today πŸ™‚

Today’s shots

SX-70, impossible colour film

Making the most of my blossom tree before all the petals get blown away.

600, impossible colour film

The Lubitel 166B TLR

SX-70, impossible colour film
600,impossible B&W film
SX-70, impossible B&W film

18 thoughts on “Friday Film Shot

  1. Good luck with the Lubitel. I had one of those for a while in the mid-1980s. The best way to describe the results was ‘hit and miss’. More misses than hits in my case, but that was probably down to me. I couldn’t complain, as it only cost less than Β£20. I paid more than that for a selenium cell light meter to use with it.
    A friend had the Mamiya C330, and got much better results. (But it cost a lot more to buy.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. The polaroids are vintage USA, but I think you probably know that, the lubitel is a Russian twin lens reflex, the Russians made a lot of cheapo copies of big brand cameras, the lubitel was their version of rollieflex or mamiya or bronica, but not in that league to be honest. One day I’ll have a hasselblad and everything else won’t matter anymore 😊(dream on!)

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