Friday Film Shots

Today started off grim but this afternoon the wind blew all the clouds away and left behind some blue skies and sunshine.  I’ve been chasing patches of light around the house with my polaroids and still taking shots of the cherry blossom tree before all t he petals are gone.

the tree

Jobpro 600 impossible film

the view from my bedroom window

Jobpro 600 impossible film

my photography shelves

Jobpro 600 impossible film

feathered egg

SX-70 Impossible film


SX-70 Impossible film

Handle light

SX-70 Impossible film

The Herbies

SX-70 Impossible film

Mothers Day Flowers

SX-70 Impossible film

11 thoughts on “Friday Film Shots

  1. Cherry blossoms are my favorite. I have this hilarious mental image of you hopping from one patch of light to another, trying to catch cherry blossoms with a butterfly net. Ha ha, great writing and beautiful photos!

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