Monday Mobile Moments

I came out of the door to go to work this morning and got blindsided by the sun, so I took a shot of it through my blossom tree,

the sky was blue when I arrived at work, and a few daffodils had popped up on the verge of the car park, I took a picture of one but the 2 behind the one I was shooting are in focus so it looks like the one in front photobombed me, made me laugh when I saw it 🙂

And here is my favourite bit of being at work..

Billy is my boss’s dog, and a little while ago his brother Dave died.   Billy was distressed without Dave for company, and he  howled and howled whilst Brenda was at work, so she brought him with her one day and he’s been coming to work ever since. He is so quiet and gentle and lovely, all the clients love to see him, and when he comes in on a Monday morning he comes to my clinic room so excited for tickles and cuddles as we haven’t seen each other for 5 days! He doesn’t get in the way, just lies down in a corner while Brenda is working, and we take him for walks in between clients so he gets a lot of fresh air and exercise. Billy is also deaf as a post, so he’s in the right place. 🙂

All my photo’s in Monday Mobile moments are taken with an iphone6, and today all are processed with the hipstamatic app, which I like the best of all the apps I’ve tried.

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