Thursday Thoughts

Not too bad a week for me, work has been busy but fun, the shed now has flooring, and my boss gave me a beautiful wooden desk for it, just needs Phil to put it all together.  My herb garden is still growing nicely

and my mum’s plant is shooting off gorgeous red leaves in the garden.

My thoughts have been busy today, as well as the Easter weekend coming up (more shed work and trips to B&Q) we are having two of our grandkids staying overnight tonight so I have been sorting out bedding, doing washing etc etc.  But also we now have a trip to Poland to think about.  We are going over to visit with Eddy and his family and do some photo’s for him so he can use them to advertise his B&B.  The wonders of modern technology are such that emails have been exchanged with Eddy to arrange dates, the flights have been booked and paid for, on-line check-in achieved and boarding passes for the flight sent to my iPhone, all from the comfort of my little office. A far cry from my first ever trip abroad which involved traipsing into town and sitting for what seemed like hours in a travel agency going through all the options.  We are only going for a long weekend, travelling out on a Friday and getting back on the following Monday, but it will still be enough time to do the photo’s and see some sights. Phil is even more excited than I am as it was reading about Poland during WW2 when he was 14 that got him into history. And we are so looking forward to meeting Eddy and his family.   Eddy and his wife Gosia built their own home from ground up, and more or less living off the grid, you can read about how all that came about on his fascinating blog HERE.   I’m looking forward as well to seeing all the animals as there are cats and dogs and goats and rabbits.  I’ve ordered a travel tripod as mine is too big for flying with and extra memory cards to make sure I can do a good job.  This will be our first time away in a couple of years, we didn’t go away whilst we had Storm and Skye as one then the other got sick, so it is quite exciting.

I still miss Skye a lot, she pops into my head several times a day and I have to remember she’s gone.  There’s a quick flash of her in my brain when I travel home from work and think she’ll be there, before I realise it’s not so.  I still shed tears over it all.

But good things to look forward to, as well as our Poland weekend at the end of this month, we are also doing a week away driving from Calais to Eindhoven in October, with stops along the way to see stuff, and a model show in Eindhoven at the end, where Phil has been asked to be a judge and have a display of his models.

So on with the housework before the kids arrive, Happy Easter peeps!


15 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Lots to look forward to indeed, FR. Give my best to the Winkos next week, and a kiss for Malina.
    You have also reminded me that my passport has expired. My travelling days might be in the past, but I never like to be without a passport. (I might win the lottery!)
    Well done to Phil, for being chosen as a judge at the model show too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete though I’ve misrepresented our time scale, we’re going at the end of this month, not next week. If you hang on a couple of years you can get a blue passport 😂😂 (another waste of money by our daft govt).

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  2. Oooh lovely I look forward to seeing a report from Poland…never been…I must check out your friends blog…nice to have stuff to look forward to…Of course you still are sad about Skye…I still miss my neighbours Alsatian, Spider, who died 3 years ago…It took ages before I stopped expecting to see him come and say hello when I got home…or try to attack me when I came back from a run in the dark because he didn’t recognise me (he wasn’t very smart) 🙂 🙂

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    1. What kind of a name is that for a dog 😂😂 cheers Clare, will be doing a full Fraggle report on the main blog re Poland, I’ve not been before either. Trying to learn a few phrases but it’s pretty hopeless, am quite rubbish so far.

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  3. I remember very well the Polish countryside from bloggers friends, and in other languages I remember so much one of my first friends is Polish… kind persons, and now it will be wonderful that you will be there (quite elegant passports by the way!) about Skye, it’s fine to shed tears, otherwise that feelings try to take shape in another painful ways if we don’t flow with them. I am happy for the travel, I think it is going to help as well as a kind of distance to heal.


  4. Sounds all so exciting Fraggy. It took me years to get over my last dog passing. It’s been over 15 years & I still think of him occasionally. Pets are family and so hard to let go of…hugs♥

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