Monday Mobile Moments

My first mobile moment is actually from yesterday, as it was Phil’s Tank driving day, a present bought for him by his son for Phil’s 60th last month.  The weather was cold and rainy, but that didn’t really matter as Phil wanted to see close up the accumulation of mud/grass/oil stains on the tracks of the vehicle for reference when he’s painting his models!

Of course this isn’t a tank as such, but an APC (armoured personnel carrier) but still fun to drive.  Unfortunately the damn thing had engine problems and kept breaking down every time it turned left, so Phil only got a 5 minute drive of it, but he was a happy bunny so a good day in spite of the breakdowns.   They are re-arranging the day so we will have to go back for the full experience.

Today is more ‘working on the shed’ day and first off we went to a new tool shop we discovered via the world wide web.  Usually we go to B&Q as it isn’t too far away, but when googling for rim locks we discovered them much cheaper at a store called Toolstation and there is one not too far away from us. So off we went and found it works on the Argos model, they have catalogues in store, you look for what you want, fill in a ticket, take it to the counter and the chap then goes and gets what’s on the ticket.  The difference in price is substantial, the same lock we paid £9.50 for at at Toolstation is £15.63 in B&Q.  Guess where we’ll be going for future purchases!

Of course, with my shed nothing has been straight forward, and fitting the rim lock to the shed door has resulted in many rude words emanating from Phil’s lips.  At least the rain has stopped and we have a blue sky above us now, and hopefully by the end of the day we can get in and out of the shed and lock it too. We live in hope. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Monday Mobile Moments

  1. I am jealous of Phil’s APC driving ability, and his handy skills too. I looked up Toolstation, and they have a branch 18 miles away, near Norwich. I will bear them in mind.
    Looking forward to Phil’s complete experience, in a more reliable vehicle!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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