Thursday Thoughts

Mostly thinking about going away to Poland for the weekend!

Have been washing clothes and ironing them getting ready to pack,  decisions decisions as I’m only allowed 11kg 🙂

cleaned all the lenses for my camera and packed the bag

raided my ‘borrowed’ hotel toiletries for my wash kit 🙂

so tomorrow morning will be packing the bags and then in the afternoon off to the airport!

Am really looking forward to visiting with Eddy and Gosia  (blog at Several emails have been exchanged and the best news is Eddy has Yorkshire Tea which is my go-to medicine for the soul.  I’m looking forward to seeing Eddy in his lederhosen too, that’ll be a photo op for sure.  🙂  I think we have a day out somewhere planned for Saturday and a chill out day at Eddy’s on Sunday for the photographs to be taken (which is the purpose of the visit!).   We come home on Monday evening but are visiting Auschwitz on the Monday during the day.   I think I’m a little apprehensive about it, but Phil really wants to go as it was reading about this way back when that got him into WW2 history, and it means a lot to him to be able to see it.  So a short visit, but lots to do and see.

Phil is on a late shift this evening so I indulged myself in my favourite dinner,

sausage sandwich with white bread and burger relish (so not healthy :/ )

They’re probably full of crap but they taste so yummy and are my all time fave sausages, I heartily recommend them 🙂





21 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I’ve never had those sausages, (Asda is a long way away) but I will be trying them as soon as I get the chance.
    I didn’t notice ‘Battery charger’ on your list of camera gear, but I’m sure you won’t forget it!
    Say hello to the Winkos for me, and have a wonderful time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes this is the 2nd time I’ve visited an internet buddy in a new land, both brilliant adventures with lovely people. It’s bonkers when you really think about it, but I don’t, I trust my instincts, and so far they’ve been exceeded!

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