Thursday Thoughts

Such a busy week going on here. We got back from Poland late Monday night, there will be reports over on the Universe blog when I’ve stopped being busy!  Poland was amazing, and Eddy and Gosia just the loveliest of people, we had such a good time that we are planning a return trip next year.  🙂  Staying there has inspired both Phil and I to think about how we live our lives and how we can live them a bit better.  Seeing how Eddy lives off the grid was a real eye opener, and we are going to be making a few small changes here and there.  So I got a cheapo little greenhouse and some seeds, and will be growing my own vegetables. I’m also going to be baking my own bread as of next week and making my own wine.  This is my plan for summer anyway, along with mosaic making and photography I’m going to be a busy person.  Phil is Mr.DIY since he took on the shed and is planning a few projects of his own, so Eddy and Gosia have been inspirational, and our trip was life~changing even though it’s in a small way.  I have a postage stamp garden so can’t have goats which I’m sad about as goats milk is lush!  But I’ll do what I can and no doubt be photographing the outcomes.  I’m not that good at growing things on the whole so fingers crossed!

Green Fraggle Begins

So far I’ve got mint, rosemary  broccoli and cauliflower planted, and at the weekend will be doing avocado and potatoes.

The shed is nearly finished. Nearly!!  We’ve asked the electrician to give us a date for the big switch on, and Phil has started on the windows.  The windows of the shed don’t open but they will do when Phil’s finished!

We went to B&Q to buy an angle grinder, but fortuitously met up with our brother-in-law Brian who said don’t buy one, borrow mine.  Phil went over and borrowed the grinder and a side cutter, and it’s the side cutter that does the business as the grinder blade is too thick, so it was a good job he didn’t buy one!

I’ve processed all the photo’s for Eddy’s website, and Gosia’s soaps website, and sent them off and thankfully Eddy is happy with them so job done!  I wanted to get them done as tomorrow we’re off on another trip, this time to Whitby, staying in a posh country house and having dinner there, a birthday present for Phil from his daughter.  We’ll have a wander around Whitby and then come home Saturday evening ready for more jobs to do on Sunday before we shoot off to see Paul Rogers in concert at Newcastle City Hall.  It’s all go!!

I haven’t had time to do a blogpost until now, though think I’ve managed to keep up with everyone I follow just about, sorry if I missed a post!

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. ‘The Winko effect’. Are you abandoning sewage for a composting toilet too, I wonder? 🙂
    Glad to hear you had such a great time, and looking forward to seeing the photos.
    You are so busy you two, you make my life look like that of a snail!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. You are the best ‘keeper upper’ I know…wow sounds like a life changing weekend…looking forward to seeing more….and your shed, and Whitby…all go!Enjoy it and don’t worry if you miss things x

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  3. I love going somewhere that is so inspirational, good for you guys Fraggy, hope it works for ya… wow, that’s a lotta work , your plate is pretty darn full now. That’s nice you got Phil in your corner too!

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  4. Sounds like a life changing trip! First gardening, then who knows how you’ll get off the grid… fresh veggies and herbs are the best. BTW– I love fresh mint on salads. It’s so refreshing!

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