Thursday Thoughts

I’m all about the busy today, we have family coming over for dinner and I’m cooking Chinese.

Yesterday I did the big shop but had to go back for stuff I’d forgotten 🙄 so  was up early to get to the supermarket and back home. I got new flowers sorted in the house

and then got cracking on dinner. Chinese food is quick to cook but it’s all about the preparation.

after 3 hours this

became this

I am slowly moving my mosaic stuff into the shed, it’s nearly finished now, just need the sparky to wire it all up, but nice to see my unfinished table top and am excited about getting it done at long last. It’ll still take a long while though!

I love my new net curtains for the shed 🙂

the birdy’s are having chicks all over the place and my happy eater tree is also as busy as me. I haven’t managed to catch a shot yet of our new regular visitor, a chaffinch but caught Mummy Spuggy feeding her chick (which looked twice the size of her!).

So just a quick post, got to put a face on and do my hair and get cooking!




14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Looks like quite an impressive menu! That must take talent. The mosaic looks great. Did you design it yourself, or is it a template? Either way, it’s going to be beautiful!

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    1. I lodged with a Chinese lady for a year back in the day so got some firsthand tutoring! I saw a computer generated mosaic picture when looking for tigers on the net and drew it from that. Thanks Laura 😊

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