Friday Film Shot

Only one of my bedroom roses today.  That was the end of one pack of films and the new pack I’ve put in is faulty :/  that happens sometimes and it’s really annoying. I wanted to take a picture of my first ever home made loaf of bread but 3 shots in I realised it wasn’t going to happen. Never mind it tastes lush and we had beans on toast for tea. I’ve run out of polaroid film for the minute but my Rollei shots will be with me next time, am excited to see how they turned out.

Disappointed the electrician didn’t turn up today to switch the shed on, apparently he’s off sick. Hmm, Friday is never a believable day to be off sick!

Anyway here’s my roses

a bit blurry but it never seems to matter on a polaroid.

8 thoughts on “Friday Film Shot

  1. Well . . . I think you have a Fuji XT or something like it lying around to take pictures of bread!!!

    You are making me want to dig out my Spectra AF and do some stuff. Maybe I will . . . enjoy the weekend!

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