Friday Film Shot

AT last I have the 2 rolls developed back from my Rolleiflex SL66 so today I’m going to post the best ones from the first roll I shot.  Although there are 12 frames to a roll, I only got 11 back on the first roll so presume 1 was snafu’d  🙂 .  Also a couple are rubbish and I have some duplicates as I wasn’t sure I’d got the settings right 😳 so will just choose the best of those.

Firstly a shot out of my bedroom window, not very inspiring as it was rubbish weather but at least things are in focus and exposed right!

and then my lilies

couldn’t choose which one so have both 🙂

more flowers

and tried outside on Mum’s Plant

All these were taken with an old roll of fuji colour film I had lying about.  There was a fair amount of trial and faffing on as I’m so not used to shooting on an overhead viewfinder thingy, I found it hard to get the horizon levelled up and just get everything in the right position!  Every shot seemed to take forever! But I think it’s worth it, and the second roll was easier, so I got 10 half decent shots from it, which I’ll post next Friday Film shot.

On Tuesday afternoon when the weather was hotting up I took the rollei and a new film down to the beach, and found everything beginning to gel in my brain, so fingers crossed for 12 this time, but not holding my breath on that!   Is it all worth it when I can do so much more so quickly with my FujiX-T1?  Well I thoroughly enjoyed taking 2 hours to shoot 12 shots down at the beach, I took my time, sat on the sand and contemplated the sea, and thought a lot more about what I was shooting, how to frame it , what settings, waited for the right moment in some cases and really zoned in for that couple of hours.  It’s not as easy as digital for sure, but then I’ve been shooting digital since 1 megapixel camera’s came out 🙂 Most of all I love the results, there IS something magical about film, and I think I might just be addicted to the rollei 🙂

also want to give a shout out to Mary, she is my inspiration and shoots medium format film on a series of Hassleblads, amongst others, and has a lovely blog with her photo’s on HERE  really beautiful film work.








20 thoughts on “Friday Film Shot

  1. Oh Fraggy these are lovely and amazing for your first roll. Impressive seriously. I knew you would love the whole experience. The moment you receive your scans & have the first look is always exciting! I wonder how long before you ditch digital and shoot primarily film. Thanks for the kind words and link back to my blog.

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    1. Thanks Mary 😊 I can’t see me ever ditching digital, the speed of taking shots with the Fuji gives me great natural shots of my grandkids without them knowing I’m taking them 😊 and I do find processing them mentally therapeutic, but I am going to use the rollei for my outings a lot!


  2. Really nice shots. I love 120 film, and you will find you have favorites pretty soon. I just ordered some more . . . a lot of people think Portra is good for landscapes, for the subtle quality; Ektar gives a good punch. Other ones are the Fuji Pro slide films (expensive to process around here), and so on . . . keep up the adventures. I’ve been post processing a roll of 35 Ultramax I just got back – virgin voyage of a new-to-me Oly OM1n. Keep on posting!

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  3. The pictures are great. There’s something magical in having to sit and think about the shots, I would think. It’s the sort of thing that requires time and effort, but when you get that great shot, it seems like it would so much more fulfilling than getting a great one on the digital.

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  4. These are lovely, I love the lush colour saturation. It’s funny you mention getting used to the viewfinder. My 3 year old nephew was wanting to take pictures with my Nikon recently, and though it has a digital display on it, I don’t use that for taking the picture. However, he doesn’t know about looking into the little viewfinder, that’s foreign to him, it’s amazing to me how much picture taking has changed. Clearly cameras are a different beast to him. His 1 year old cousin will reach for my phone and smile at it, thinking of that as a camera.

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  5. Rollei cameras can produce so wonderful photographs (of course they need an eye as yours) sadly here the costs are so high so I opted for 35mm cameras. Well, I don’t want you to spam with many comments so I will like better until I got to date in your posts. Thanks for sharing with us, dear fragglerocking. Greetings. : )

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      1. Probably already you now it but if not could help. On ebay you can set alarms to wait when ar article appears, for example parts for Rollei SL66. I now with patience it is going to appear. ^_^

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