Thursday Thoughts.

This has been a blue-arsed fly day, I was in Asda for 8.30am and home by 9.30, done loads of housework, & changed all the flowers in the house.  I was tempted by more lilies I do so love them, but £8 for 1 bunch  that lasts 5 days is a bit of a treat, 3 bunches of carnations for £2 a pop and last for 10 days is much more cost effective.  🙂

carnation day

Had my lunch, lovely chicken and avocado sandwich in my own home made bread, so yummy.

This afternoon I transplanted the rest of my seedlings, took ages!

Cauliflower City

It’s not just caulies, theres some coriander and chives and rosemary and mint growing in there, the tiny Broccoli only child is holding fast but not really progressing.   Just out of shot is my grow bag with potato’s growing in it. Am quite impressed with how they are coming along.

Potato Bag

So far no slugs or snails or bugs, might be a bit early for them to come out yet, but I am ready to go to war when they do. 🙂

 I started sprouting garlic cloves then found out it’s a bit late or too early to plant them out for a good result as they prefer colder weather, but I wasn’t going to kill them obvs, so I’ve planted them out anyway and put them in a shady spot, at least it’s practice for when I do it at the right time of the year.  🙂


My shed is looking spiffy,

some nice artwork on the wall by my friends Kathy in USA and Clare in Ireland 🙂

I made a start on Tigger’s face this get a better idea of it if you squint at it through one half closed eye, trust me 🙂

I find I’m quite zen when mosaic~ing, photographing, doing garden things, and am ‘in the moment’ as they say.  I concentrate on the task in hand, but it never works that way with housework. I suppose I’ve been doing housework for nigh on 40 years so there’s not that much to think about it. So instead I find myself mulling over the world, the universe, the election, or Trump or the family.  Today I had all the windows open to let air blow through the house, and as I was cleaning the West Wing 🙂 the door gently blew open and for a split second I thought Skye was coming through to see what I was up to.  Of course then the other half of the second kicked in and suddenly I felt the tears burbling up, managed to stop myself though, and I got to thinking about grief.  It’s just another word for pain really.  I remember when my Mum died in the hospice, I was offered ‘grief counselling’ but refused, I didn’t want to talk about my grief, and shut it away somewhere I couldn’t get to  in my brain.  I couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t think about her for two years or so after.  Guilt played a big part in that, I thought I should have done more for her, been there more for her, and I didn’t want to tell a stranger that. You’re not supposed to do that apparently, you’re supposed to let it out and all that, catharsis and self forgiveness etc. etc. etc. but I didn’t.  Not long after she died, Ben moved out to house share with pals, so now looking back I was an orphan and an empty nester in a short space of time. Lonely  times. So I moved up north to be with Phil and here I still am.  I can think about my Mum now, remember her good and bad bits (no-one is perfect, not even your Mum!) and smile at the photo’s I have of her and Ben, her and me, of her life before us, when she was younger, and there isn’t any grief now.  So maybe my ‘wrong’ coping mechanism worked out OK for me. I only miss what she is missing, on her behalf, she loved Ben and I think he suffered from her passing on more than I realised.

I am not a great fan of housework, and that in part is down to Mum who was always doing housework when I was a kid, or so it seemed, drove me mad as I had to help when I had nicer things to do! Then she’d do it all again the next day, and that was never going to be me, and isn’t.  My previous husband used to say I was allergic to the hoover, the current husband would probably agree, but I do more than he thinks I do, and nowhere near what a house proud housewife would 🙂 but when I do do it, its blitzkrieg!

Lessons of the day:

Housework makes you think too much

Garlic should be planted in cold weather

Gardening ruins your nails  :/ and you can’t transplant seedlings while wearing gloves.





12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. You had a busy day, and left us with lots to think about. Like you, I tend to do housework in ‘lumps’, often spending a whole day of 7-8 hours going through the whole place. I can’t be doing with the repetition of the same dusting and washing down every day.

    I do most of my thinking out walking with Ollie. I thought up today’s short story, and ‘wrote it in my head’ yesterday, as I wandered around on Hoe Rough. Grief for me is something that is rekindled by a passing thought, a song, or a phrase remembered.

    I always enjoy these Thursday posts.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Grief is a strange animal.
    So is housework, come to think of it. I usually abstain. Sean does the housework. And lately most of the cooking. I guess I mostly stand around looking pretty.

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  3. oh Fraggy you are truly an inspiration. and I truly enjoyed reading this, but I must admit, the last thing I needed to see was #notmypresidens’ name in your blog. but that’s another story all on its own, as many of your blogs as I do read.. I think your new way of life has opened up a whole new you:) in a good way.
    I love seeing my photos on your wall , it tickled my heart. and I sure know that feeling of thinking your 4 legged is walking into the room, as for the old house cleaning routine.. well… you said it all 🙂 its routine and boring!!! . and I’m not a gardener either, ive tried… I’m not!!!!. ill go to the farmers markets. but I’m so impressed with what you have accomplished ,it amazes me. haver a great week end. XXX

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  4. You nearly had me blubbing when I read this, such a thoughtful post. Grief is indeed a funny thing and we all deal with it in our own way. I don’t know why the experts always have to have an answer. I think writing about it has got to be a good thing. Had a laugh at your closing lines. As for the garlic, once its in the ground it will produce something, maybe not this year, but most likely next, just as long as you can remember where you planted it and don’t pull it as a weed next spring 🙂

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  5. I am obsessed with fresh garlic!! It is so good. I hope you nail it next time around, or get a lucky break this time??

    It’s so interesting about grief. I’m glad to hear you have cleared it regarding your mama. I wonder how your process would have been different had you faced it. Maybe it would have ended up the same, and time is the only answer for it. Those pet moments are so hard. I have decided that the only way for me to get over my doggie loss is to not think about her. I love to honor her memory, but whenever I think about her, I get sad, still. Having Nola actually makes me not think about Ruby, so it has helped a lot.

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    1. I think it will be a while yet til I can think about Skye without being sad, a few people have said get another cat, but we are not ready to go through it all again. Cheers Laura.


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