British Summer Time

It was my day off today and really hoped to go out with the rollei, but we had a day of incessant rain, again.  Still, I was determined to do some photography, so invented a waterproof housing for the fuji (a freezer bag and cat collar) attached it to my trusty tripod, donned my waterproof jacket, and sallied forth into the garden.   Within 5 minutes I discovered my jacket had the equivalent waterproof capabilities of a colander, but hey ho, sometimes you have to suffer for your art. 🙂

potato plant flowers

The rain doesn’t stop the visitors to the Happy Eater tree.

sparrow and starling sharing a moment
blackbird and a beak of bugs
juvenile blackbird

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is not much better, oh well, maybe the week after will be better!



21 thoughts on “British Summer Time

  1. Well done to you for braving the crap weather, and trying some photos. They worked pretty well, and should be inspiring, but my days of ‘wet photography’ are behind me, I’m afraid.
    As for waterproof clothing, it should all be sued, under the Trades Description Act.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Rain in summer is not something I am used to any more . . . here, it is up to 90 and bright and hot. My peppers are doing fab, as are the tomatoes, and the fig is beginning to turn color – maybe I’ll get a decent crop of them this year, like 18-20, since it is only 2 years in the ground. Sorry to hear about the wet photo shoot . . . thought of you today when I saw a shed with lots of windows . . .. what I could do with that! Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out what film cameras to take on our road trip in a few weeks . . . Cheers!

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      1. Ahhhhh. Rain. As far as the heat, it is a dry heat, with low humidity, so it is actually quite do-able at 90F. Road trips are great – off to the southwest, wild west, northwest, and so on. Specifically, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

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  3. Well you impress the hell outta me woman!!!!!! We had 16 straight days of rain, and there’s no way I was going out in any of it. Some really great shots Fraggy, and now I know what to get you for your birthday 🙂 Yesterday (our holiday) was an exceptionally great weather day, till the sun went down, but .. that’s all I’m gonna say..the rest will b in my blog;)))
    I loved your bird shots ❤️

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