Thursday Thoughts

Well the rain finally stopped this afternoon, and then started again, and stopped again, but the sky is grey & boring.  This weeks thoughts have been mostly about the weather, and I’ve been doing more than I’ve been thinking :).  My mosaic tiger is getting there slowly

Tomorrow Phil’s niece Lorraine and her hubby Paul are coming over and Lorraine is cooking for us, so I’ll be handing over my kitchen, Loz is a great cook so am looking forward to some delicioso scran.

Usually there is music, and dancing, and wine and whisky, vodka and beer,  and the playing of instruments, and then the falling into bed comatose and hangover in the morning, I somehow don’t think my giving up the wine is going to survive.



As I said last Thursday, I’m going to give a shout out to blogs that I really like,

last week was Pete at BEETLEYPETE

and this week I’m loving Clare who has 3 blogs,  THE MERMAIDS  PURSE   is where Clare writes about life by the sea in the South East of Ireland, and she takes lovely photographs, outdoes me for birds!! and is an extremely talented artist.  She also writes of her travels to other lands, and I really recommend her travel writings which always make me laugh.  She’s currently entertaining me with her tales of rescuing vultures in Croatia.  As you do 🙂  There’s so much to look through and enjoy in her blog, so well worth a visit.   Clare’s second blog is MONSTER IN THE NEXT ROOM  and this is where Clare posts original cartoons, mostly based on terrible puns :), the artwork is fantastic, and the giggles guaranteed.  Last but not least, a wonderful blog of art by Clare THE EASLE WEASLE.  Lately Clare posted a series of oil paintings along with a diary about her solo trip across the USA in 2006, which was fascinating and funny, but the paintings are so fabulous, I would buy them all if I could afford them, if you only check one thing out, this is the one and it starts HERE .

But really check them all out, there’s so much to love. Tell her I sent ya! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Well…booze is a good way to warm up in nasty weather, or dancing, or both! The mosaic looks great – hope to see it done soon. Meanwhile . . . we are at 99F today, but the house is cool as we shut it all up, not using the air conditioning, and I am outside reading under a tree and watching birds come and go. Now, time for the afternoon coffee!

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