Monday Mobile Moments

Yet more rain today, and quite heavy at times. I was at work this morning and periodically Brenda and I take Billy the dog for a walk around the block, but we got caught in a downpour without coats on one of the walks so made a dash for the car while it passed, Billy looked so cute in the back seat 🙂 he is so lovely.

Phil is on a week’s holiday this week, and is currently pulling muscles and ligaments galore whilst doing ‘house stuff’.  At the weekend he applied more waterproof coating (a rare sunny 2 days) to the outside of my shed, where one of his intercostal muscles popped, and then later on he got a gammy knee.  Still, the shed looks nice.  Today he’s been doing the dining room, no further injuries but not resting isn’t helping the one’s he got.  The postman came today with some pictures we ordered for the recently refurbished living room

both taken my me of course so at last I’ve got a couple of my pictures printed and hanging! Dead chuffed.

Also at the weekend it was so nice we went for a walk in the evening, and I took the rollei, but here’s one from the iPhone until I get the film finished, (which may never happen if this sodding weather doesn’t sort itself out!).



13 thoughts on “Monday Mobile Moments

  1. We finally got that rain at 9 tonight. It broke one of the most humid and uncomfortable days so far this year. But after an hour of pounding down, it stopped. It is now oppressive and overcast again, feels more like the southern states of America, than Beetley.
    I like your big prints. Must be nice to have them on display, knowing you took them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. No oppressive heat here 😕 just oppressive rain. Yes these are the first prints to arrive, 3 more to come (when we can decide which ones!) it is definitely nice to have some of my stuff on the walls. Cheers Pete. 😊

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