Thursday Thoughts

This week I have been thinking about moles. Not the one’s that live underground, but the brown, raised bits of skin that some people have lots of, and some people don’t.  I only have four, had them all my life and they’ve never changed in appearance or done anything weird.  Last week I discovered a new one, and it is not like the others, I don’t like it, so I’m off to the doc’s tomorrow to get it checked out.  Of course I’ve googled, and am reasonably certain it’s just a growing older thing, but in my younger days I was a sunbed user and sunbather when ever possible, so need to put my mind at rest.  If only I’d known back then how ultra violet rays can harm you, I would have shunned them, which I have done ever since it became a thing. Fingers crossed I didn’t do myself in!

I’ve also been thinking about Game of Thrones TV programme, as it’s back on the TV next week, and Phil and I have been with it since the beginning.  I am one of those who read all the books, and have been really happy with how  the TV series has adapted them for the small screen, and overtaken George RR Martin with the story, as he is taking a long time to finish the series of books. It’s now become cool to never have seen it, as it always does when something is very hyped and very popular, but this has been a quality series from the beginning, and the ‘cool’ people have missed out on TV excellence, a rarity in my view. Stunning scenery and filming, great characters, sublime acting, and an alternative history in which all sorts of allegories to the real world can be found if you want to, well maybe not dragons, but hey! DRAGONS!!  🙂

I have also been thinking, unexpectedly, about travelling again.  Not too far this time, a 250 mile drive down south next Friday, to dogsit my sons Staffy, Lola, as he and his girlfriend are going on holiday to Amsterdam and can’t find anyone local to do it.  As it’s his birthday I’ve stepped up to do it.  Phil is on nights the week I’m there so can’t come along, so I will have to amuse myself.  There are a few National Trust properties nearby so at least I’ll be off out photographing, and the temperatures south are usually better than here so that’s a bonus.  I have a couple of friends I can hopefully visit too, so it won’t be too bad.  The only thing is that the weekend I go is also the weekend of the Sunderland Airshow, and for various reasons I’ve never got to see it although I’ve lived here 13 years, maybe am destined never to do so!

The Happy Eater tree hasn’t had any exciting visitors of late, just the usual band of spuggies, blackbirds pigeons and collared doves.  The bullfinch hasn’t been back that I know of, but I did spot a lady chaffinch one evening

Whilst I was birdwatching one afternoon I spotted something under my car, which is parked next to the tree

so I banged on the window as it’s obviously lying in wait to snatch a birdy, but got an ‘I’m just here, minding my own business’look’

he sauntered off nonchalantly after a while. Nothing to see here folks 🙂

My shout out to great blogs this week is going to Sarah, Choppy & Schooner, who can be found at Travels With Choppy, click through the name to the site.  Sarah lives with Choppy the dog and Schooner, her chap’s cat, the photo’s and jokes she tells with them will make you laugh.  They live in Wisconsin but also travel, and there’s never a dull moment on the blog.  Sarah also writes travel books which have great info in them. Tell her I sent ya!


19 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Hey there.. Hope all ok mole wise. I have various new “things” popping up on my body (tags, moley things etc). I too am of an age (a number a lot higher than you of course!). But while I’m sure all will be good..better to have it checked.

    I’m with you on travelling. I need to do more. I’ve got a possible one in my head..but more later. And Berlin – I just want to street shoot Berlin.
    Good luck with the dog sitting. Always good to read your posts. (I agree with you 100% about GOT. Best series since The Sopranos, The Wire.
    Ok…got a blog by Sarah to find!!

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  2. Sarah and Choppy always look so happy in their photo.

    I have had some moles all my life, including the ‘Madonna lookalike’ on my top lip. I have just gone out in the sun and got on with it, but have never been a ‘sunbather’. I also have some of those brown age-related marks appearing. We used to call those ‘liver spots’. I hope that yours are nothing sinister.

    I have never seen GOT. Not because I’m ‘cool’, but because I have never had Sky TV. I would like to see it, but won’t pay the huge prices for Sky. I might have to wait for a second hand (very large) boxset DVD, one of these days.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to the ‘sunny south’. Don’t count any chickens about the weather though…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I have often wondered what picture would appear if I joined all the moles on my body together, no I haven’t! I keep thinking about getting them checked out, but I keep telling myself they are nowt’ to worry about, so I hope that’s the case for you.
    GOT; waiting patiently for the most pirated TV series ever, it should be available about 30 minutes after the first screening! As you said to Pete, it will be a box set worth getting, I have watched the whole lot so far a few times over the winter 🙂

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  4. Well, that’s a lotta info there Fraggy:). You have been keeping very busy, and of course I’m way behind. Hope you have an awesome time at your sons place. I just know you’ll find some kool,things to shoot. , well I gotta see what else you been up to 🙂 oh.. funny how that cat found you:)

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  5. Sounds like your brain has been busy this Thursday! Good luck with the mole… I think we all ignore the warnings when we are younger. I know I did even into my 20’s when we knew about sun damage.

    Love GoT! I thought a certain musician’s cameo this week was so funny! You’ll laugh when I tell you that the only way I could get into it was to watch it with the Closed Caption on because I couldn’t understand the dialogue enough to follow it at first. I have definitely acquired an ear for the accents by now though. 😉

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    1. Cheers Laura, not a great fan of Ed, but he did OK. I hadn’t thought about accents but yes a surprising amount of British actors in it. Sir Davros does a brilliant Geordie accent but doesn’t come from around here and it’s a really difficult one to do, or understand!

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      1. I thought Ed was a little too pop-y for the show. But I actually think he’s a really talented musician. When you say Geordie… is that as in Geordie Shore?? Haha! Wish I knew how to add the laughing-crying emoji.


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