Thursday Thoughts

It’s been a busy week, and mostly I’ve been thinking about going away tomorrow.  It’s my son’s birthday on Saturday, and he and his lady, Charlotte, wanted to go away to Amsterdam for a few days,

Charlotte & Ben

but couldn’t find anyone prepared to dogsit for them.


In desperation he rang and asked me, so off I’m going to Leighton Buzzard for 6 days.  Lots of washing, ironing and packing done over the past few days, and think I’ve got everything but the kitchen sink 🙂  I’ve checked out the nearby National Trust properties, so will  hopefully be making some Fraggle Reports from down south for a change.  I’ll also be going to Biggleswade to see my friend Helen and if the weather’s good go on a photo outing.


Also I’ll get to see my grandson Lewis who I haven’t seen in over 6 months, so am really looking forward to that 🙂

Lewis & Ben

But mostly I’ll be walking the dog and keeping her company. She’s a Staffy, and a very loving dog, and in all the times I’ve visited Ben, I’ve never heard her bark, so she’s also a very quiet dog, though she gets excited to see people.

But I’ll miss being at home and miss my hubby, although Phil’s on night shift next week so wouldn’t see much of him anyway.  I’ll also be missing the Sunderland Air Show, which I mean to go to photograph every year, but something else always comes up to prevent me! Maybe next year! It’s a 5 hour journey to Leighton Buzzard, and on the busiest weekend (other than Easter) for travelling of the year, as schools are breaking up for summer and everyones heading off on their holidays or to the airports, so am not looking forward to the travelling tomorrow.  Driving down south is quite different from up here, the traffic is faster, more dense, and more aggressive, but nothing I can’t cope with.  My son calls me Miss Daisy when we’re in the car together!

I will still be posting here and on the Universe blog now and then, I’m taking a laptop, Ipad and all the usual gizmo’s that we can’t do without these days, so my regular readers won’t get chance to miss me 😂

So stay tooned, I’ll be back 🙂

17 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. When I was young, I would have considered Bedfordshire to be ‘up north’. Enjoy the dog, she seems like a lovable Staffy.
    I have to contend with central London traffic all weekend, so know how you feel…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Well your most likely home or heading home now, I hope it was a good visit and u got to see Lewis too? And I’m sure the 4 legged was great company for you . I can see these pics,btw, I don’t know what’s going on:(

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    1. Maybe cos I used my IPad to do the post, normally on the PC. Didn’t see Lewis as they were away too! 😕 just got home at 1.30am, sitting in bed with a nightcap now winding down after the long journey!

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