Friday Film Shot

with a little bit of Thursday thoughts thrown in as I missed doing that yesterday.  I got home from my 5 nights away at my son’s flat dog sitting Lola.  It was a strange experience, it’s a long long time since I had a dog.  She is a nice dog, I walked her twice a day, played catch on the green, bought her some special treats, all that doggy person stuff.  She is used to sleeping on the bed with Ben so I could not escape the same fate without total upset, but she just snuggled up on the bed, in the small of my back and that was that. I only had one bad night when she snored a lot. I spent 2 afternoons with my friend Helen up in Biggleswade and though it rained on the first outing we still went out with our cameras, and the second time was sunny so that was a great day out.  Fraggle Reports to come on the other blog. I also spent my last day cooking up a job lot of Bolognese sauce, and a chill con carne as Ben had asked me to make him a couple of dinners!  Ben & Charlotte had a good little holiday, I picked them up from the airport and took them home, and then set off for my home, which I arrived at at 1.30am!  Bed by 2.30 but I was wiped out the next day.  It wouldn’t have done that 10yrs ago I thought, sadly.  And now I am officially old, I saw the doc today about my new mole, and it’s not a thing to worry about, it’s a thing that happens when you get old apparently.  So that’s me in the knackers yard.  Not worried, but bloody depressed 🙂 I suppose I’ll have a lady beard soon.

Since I returned I’ve been busy as a tree, docs appointment, ASDA, bird food shop, washing, and I’m setting up a new 2nd hand Mac for Phil, that’s taken several hours as he’s not sure which password works which site but have mostly got it sorted. Fingers crossed. The good bit- training Phil on the ways of a Mac’ is yet to come. I may need therapy 🙂 .

Whilst I was away my latest film from the Rollei came back, and 11 portable shots! 90.91%!

I had a couple of walks around the naturey bit where I live and am quite pleased with the results. (Who am I kidding, I love the pictures 🙂

One afternoon I took Phil to see the secret lake, and these shots are from that walk.




14 thoughts on “Friday Film Shot

  1. Yes!!! You’ve been one busy old I cold too revisit, your not old, it I bet after all thT running around you feel it. I know I do when I get back from Bflo. And that’s only over nite/)! Wow, Fraggy, I’m impressed with your hots.. film you say.. wow!!,! If I ever come across one at a market .. or house sale, I may just pick it up, that’s how much I like your work. You make me feel like I wanna give it a go…..
    good luck with the task at hand.. tour a great teacher, so it should go well.

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  2. We both had long drives this week…
    Good to hear you enjoyed the dog-sitting. At least Ollie sleeps on his own bed…
    The films shots are spanking. Love that richness.
    I’m no good with computers either, which I why I don’t have a Mac.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hey, Fraggy! Lovely pictures and am so glad to hear you enjoyed your visit south. Getting old is sorta fun, sorta not, but a reminder of . . . the need to enjoy what you have. So, looking forward to more from the Rollei. I love the idea of a secret lake . . . Cheers!

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  4. Dogs require more attention than cats, don’t they? We never allowed our previous dog to sleep in our bed, but Nola has slowly worked her way in, and now there is no turning back. It’s a bit annoying, but the nice part is she doesn’t wake us up at 5:30 anymore! Oh the lady beard… haha… I was getting a pedicure with my mother in law this weekend, and she was telling me about all the joys of aging… thick toe nails, facial hair, etc… oh yay, so fun!

    Looking forward to your fraggle report of your trip.

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