Thursday Thoughts

This week I have been seeing, and reading, a lot about the Charlottesville debacle.  It is so disturbing, and what strikes me is that it now appears more ‘mainstream’ to be such a thing, no masks, no white pointy hats down to the shoulders, full face frontal hatred and bigotry on display.  This is not happening in my country (yet), so I am not commenting on the rights or wrongs of removing confederate statues, the nuances of that are better understood by the people who live in the USA, but I will comment that anyone who believes white people are superior to the rest of humanity, are, in the words of their head honcho, sad.  It makes me sad for the future to come.  I wonder if the irony that the girl they killed was white is lost on them.  In one of the articles I read I saw a screenshot of one of their websites, where the leader had written something along the lines of ‘I want boots on the ground at the fat skanks funeral’ and that just blew my mind. No shame, no humanity there.  I take exception to the terms alt-right and alt-left.  There are no such things, there are bigoted white supremacist groups, and there are people who are reasoned, compassionate, and not full of their own importance in relation to others. Evolved I think is the right word.

So on to how nice it has been to have a sunny day, some warmth in t he air, and some butterflies on my Buddleia and in my garden

cabbage white
red admiral

and flowers are blooming and popping up

On Thursdays it’s my shout out to blogs I really love, and today I’m going to recommend one of my favourites, Vinnieh whose blog can be found HERE.  Vinnie reviews movies and TV programmes, and has great skill at explaining how a movie looks and feels, how the actors work together, notes the musical scores and how the director has used his skills, He’s also adept at explaining how the plot runs, without giving spoilers. He is a gentle soul, but funny and naughty sometimes too, a thoroughly loveable character.  Check out his blog and be inspired with which movie to watch next. Tell him I sent ya.

15 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Nice butterflies and flowers indeed, and a good call with our old friend Vinnie.
    I got heavily involved in the Confederate memorial debate this week, and ended up with a headache and troubled night as a result. I have decided to leave the Americans to call the shots about their own history, despite getting the highest views and most comments ever, on my ‘other’ blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s a very scary time in our country. Sad! ( 😛 ) We are so divided, and it’s hard to imagine how any sane person can rationalize that hatred is okay. These pictures are beautiful. I love that butterfly that is on the cover shot too!!

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