Monday Mobile Moments ~Gudak app review.

I came across this fun little app, based on the old Kodak instant cameras.  In this day of instant phone camera shots it’s a bit of a kick back to days of film, when you have to wait to see what you shots you took.  As you can see from the view finder at the top, it’s quite difficult to tell what your looking at, which is part of the fun, just aim in the general direction and press the big yellow button.  Once you’ve taken 24 shots, you press the green processing button, and 3 days later they are ready to bring into your library.  Once you’ve used your 24 shots, it’s a 12 hour wait until you get a new roll of film.  The shots come out resembling photo’s taken on the old Kodak instants, a bit grainy, a colourcast reminiscent of the 70’s, and the occasional light leak.  I read a few reviews myself before getting the app, and from them find it is possible to cheat the app by altering the date on your iPhone!  That kind of negates the whole point of having it, but people are very impatient these days.  Needless to say I waited the full 3 days and am posting a few of them for illustration.

A couple from Chesswell Hall ruins

and used at a country show

and around my house and garden





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