Thursday Thoughts

The weather is crap. All day grey, dark and rain.  Last week I wrote that I was looking forward to the colours of Autumn, but this isn’t quite what I meant!  But, I have a roof on my house, the garden furniture is still in the garden, soaked, but there, my car is not upside down  over the fence.  I didn’t wade to the shop up to my knees in muddy water to find no supplies, and I have water coming out of the tap to fill the kettle still working through the wonder of electricity.  Chopwell Woods are not on fire and blocking out the daylight, and I am not packing a bag to head to a shelter. I’m warm and toasty in my home, and bloody grateful I live in a land so far not plagued with extreme climatic conditions.   I cannot imagine how the people in Irma’s swathe must feel, or those living in the path of the fires in Montana, Oregon, Washington & California,  or the family’s of over 1200 people killed in the floods of India, Nepal and most of South East Asia,  they are devastated for being through it or panicked that it’s on the way, nothing that I’ve ever experienced, or am likely to.  Or maybe I will?

I wish the world and the leaders of it would see this as an apocalyptic  warning, that instead of political point scoring, instead of religious persecution, instead of killing each other, instead of funding terrorism, instead of being isolationist, instead of being greedy, instead of all the shit we do to  each other and the planet, we should be doing so much better for each other and this ball we live on.   Mother Nature has had enough.

In other news, I burnt my fingers this morning after stupidly heating up a cup of tea in the microwave in a metal coated mug, then even more stupidly attempting to pick it up.  I give myself todays Darwin Award. Surprisingly the metal didn’t create an arc in the microwave thereby blowing it up, and even more surprisingly the cup and tea survived. I however, have sticky plasters over blisters and hurt too much to do my mosaicing. 😦

Shout out to a fab blog time!

This time I’m giving a shout out to Sarah at More or less it’s the dressing up adventures of Choppy and Schooner, a dog and a cat, the celebration of mad national holidays in style, but also of travels and bad puns 🙂 a smile a day guaranteed.

tell her I sent ya.


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Good call with Sarah Ferguson and Choppy. I often send Choppy a pat or stroke.
    I hope those fingers get better soon. Metal mug in a microwave? That was a ‘blonde’ moment. 🙂
    Take care, and best wishes, Pete.
    (Rain just started here…)

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  2. Its a mad world indeed, its a shame that the powers that be seem to forget that it doesn’t need us as much as we need it, mother nature will have her revenge.
    Ow on the fingers, at least it hasn’t stopped you typing 🙂

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  3. I’ve always been amazed by how you generally have a steady stream of less than desirable weather, but never any of the major catastrophic stuff. It’s so interesting! In fact, my hubs has the West Ham vs Huddersfield game on, and I can’t believe how hard it is raining! Yes, it’s true that you’re lucky, but I know that sometimes that dark weather can get old. We have the opposite here in Denver. No rain for weeks. It’s kind of annoying too. 😉

    I once burned my fingers on the metal skewers I had just used on the grill. Totally forgot they were hot. Duh! Hope you feel better.

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    1. Thanks Laura, the burn is quite a bad one considering I let go within a split second, but fingers crossed (haha) it will heal eventually! It’s still horrendous rain and wind here, but no hurricane so can’t complain! West Ham v Huddersfield has ended with West Ham 2-0 the winners which I’m a little sad over as Huddersfield was my childhood home and I was chuffed they got up to the premiership. At this rate they’ll be down again! 🙂


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