Fragglerockin’s Mosaic in Progress! – A WiPW Guest Post

I recently did an article for Work In Progress Wednesday on Shaun’s Clockword Clouds blog and it’s up there today.

Clockwork Clouds

One thing I’m learning through Work in Progress Wednesday (WiPW), is that nothing is ever straight-forward; we all get side tracked, life always gets in the way. It’s nice to learn that it’s the case for almost everyone, that progress sometimes grinds to halt, but if we learn anything from today’s guest post, it’s that it’s good to pick ourselves back up again. Today’s post is also perhaps the most unique we’ve had so far, please welcome Jane of Fragglerockin who has been working on a Mosaic!


Back in 2005, I went to Cyprus for the first time, and was blown away by the roman mosaics’ I saw there. They were so intricate and detailed, and quite fascinating to me. Back at home I researched mosaic making on google, bought a How To Do It project book, some tiles and equipment, and proceeded to stick square, colourful…

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