Friday Film Shots

I took delivery of new polaroid films this week, the Impossible project has now bought out the Polaroid company, and has reverted to t he original name. They’ve also released a new camera, and improved the film. It used to take 35-40 minutes for the Impossible film to develop, but with the new film it’s only 15 minutes.  It was a sunny morning here, so after doing the chores I went for a wander with the SX70 loaded with a new film.  10 minutes later and the sky clouded over and on came the rain, sigh, so home I came with only 3 shots.

The graffiti bridge

regular readers will recognised The Tree from my 366 last year,

and some dangly branches on the turn to Autumn,  just before it rained.


6 thoughts on “Friday Film Shots

  1. I always love your polaroids Fraggy. I bought the SLR-670S (a revitalized sx-70 with the ability to set shutter speeds) from Mint Camera last year and after many packs through it I am still not “in Love” with instant! I like the idea of instant but the results are just not enough for me. Maybe I have to keep at it.

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