Thursday Thoughts

Well this is my first chance to do a post since returning from our holiday on Monday night.  Washing done, photo’s (633!) all sorted and uploaded to my photo site, and was back to work yesterday. I also had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon that has resulted in me having to take the rest of this week off!  Dental pain and trauma is just so horrible, and I’m surviving on soup :/ .  Never mind it’ll all get better soon I hope.  I’ll be posting the main reports on all the places we visited over on the universe blog.  I’ve cried a fair few times this holiday, at the wickedness of war, the sadness of young men buried too soon, the humility of those who survived, and at the kindness of strangers in other lands.  I’ve learned a lot of history, and seen some amazing places, had some lovely food, met some really cool people, driven many miles through France, Belgium and Holland and had a great time in the company of my wonderful, slightly mad husband.  We lost everything we had at least three times, where’s my purse? Where’s my other camera battery? where did I put this, that and the other.  Phil left his box of models on top of the car in the carpark in Dover and only realised 10 minutes after we checked into the hotel, (run Forest! Run!).  We got into Europe via Calais without a hitch but got searched by armed soldiers (they looked no older than 18!) on the way back at Calais. Then searched by the UK border force at Calais. Then pulled off and questioned and searched by the UK border force in Dover- practicing for Brexit no doubt! I pity all those Brits who go off to Provence and the like every summer, they’re in for a treat! 😀  Driving in Europe is lovely. Long straight motorways and no-one sits in the middle lane holding everyone else up, the only traffic jam was getting around Antwerp on the ring road, but even that was moving reasonably well.   Got back to Dover and then took 13hrs to do the what should be a 6hr journey home, because of roadworks, traffic jams and stupid sods who crashed and had the A1 closed!  In Europe we  found Radio 4 on AM and got edumacated about Lucien Freud the artist, the Russian revolution, on womens hour we laughed at Sarah Milligan and listened to Hilary Clinton about democracy and social media. Turned off the god spots but found  Jane Gardam (author) talking to Kirsty Young on desert Island discs, all fascinating stuff. Phil did his judging at the model show, which was huge and heaving with modellers, trade stands, club displays and some amazing models in the competition, over 2000!  I couldn’t photograph them all but did the best I could before my eyes went all googly.  Here are a few I-phone shots I took along the way

Dinner at our fave Chinese restaurant the night before we sailed.
Banksy in Dover making a point, or unmaking one I suppose.
white cliffs and seagulls (no bluebirds!)
waiting for dinner in Bruges
where did I put the car park ticket!!??
lunchtime selfie in Waterloo
one top of Lions Mound, Waterloo
soldier at Calais
going home



14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Nicely summed up in one post! We hardly need to see or hear any more! 🙂
    Looking forward to all the rest though. It sounds like a great trip indeed. 633 photos is going to mean a lot of posts…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I take that many photos (at least) every time I see my nephews. They’re so squirmy it’s impossible to get a good shot, and never of all of them at once, but never for lack of trying! And of course I can’t bear to part with any.

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  3. Thats a lovely post Fraggle R…as Beetley Pete says it nicely sums it up…sounds like a lovely trip, despite, or even strangely because of, melancholy thoughts of war…maybe it shows us to appreciate peace, such as it is, while its here…the border searches echo those thoughts of past war too….maybe not so much lovely as finely observed…hope your teeth get better soon 😦

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    1. Thanks Clare, yes it was weird to see all the fencing around Calais, then being searched 3 times, messes with your head. I could quite happily hit myself in the gob with a hammer at the moment, seeing dentist on Wednesday again for the next fukup. 😬

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