Mundanity Monday

SO my first full week of the project, and I’ve managed a mundane shot every day, and have been playing with different tones in B&W mode.

Day 5 fell on halloween, I hadn’t had time to get and carve a pumpkin so after work I shot off to Asda as they’d had loads when I went a couple of days beforehand (should have got one then!) of course there were no pumpkins left 😦 but I did find this cheap and tacky plastic one which lights up with different coloured lights, so made do with that.

Day 6 was a housework day, and there’s nothing more mundane than doing the washing up!

Day 7 was a chill day, and I took some time to have a coffee and read the paper

Day 8 I decided to try a new recipe for dinner, Alfredo Salmon Pasta, which was very easy and very yummy (link to recipe HERE)

Day 9 I was so pleased with last night’s recipe I thought I’d try another one, stuffed baked potatoes which was also very easy and yummy but we won’t have them again as Phil nearly died of heartburn!

Day 10, was a sunny but cold day, I cleaned the kitchen and noticed how the low sun sent a wide shaft of light  through the kitchen. I love the light and shade, so cool in B&W.

Day 11, back to work today and the first early morning frost on my car!

SO that’s that. More mundanity next Monday 🙂 stay tooned!

11 thoughts on “Mundanity Monday

  1. I’m enjoying mundane Monday.
    My own Monday involved blog hassles (thanks for the help) followed by a dog walk, then a trip to Tesco before it got dark at 4:30.
    Fairly mundane, by any standards.
    I didn’t take any photos of it though…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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