Mundanity Monday

Still managing a daily B&W, surprisingly.

Ironing ~ how mundane is that!?

Day 12

this is one of my favourite cleaning jobs

Day 13

keeping my shed nice and tidy

Day 14

Friday night is music night in our house, putting the discs back in alphabetical order is no picnic the day after

Day 15

I don’t like going to the cinema, you can’t rewind and watch bits over, or pause to go to the loo 🙂 but I made an exception, and it was a fab movie!

Day 16

The orchid petals have given up the ghost 😦

Day 17

I think about my boy a lot, he lives far away so I don’t see him often, but I keep him close in my heart, and photo’s of him as a lad make me smile.

Day 18

Another B&W week done, maybe I’ll keep going!




12 thoughts on “Mundanity Monday

  1. This didn’t seem mundane at all. Cleaning camera equipment, thinking about your son. All good.
    What was the film you watched at the cinema?
    If you want mundane…
    I sat in the house from 08:00 until 13:00, waiting for Kwik-Fit to repair or replace my punctured tyre. When the man turned up, he told me the tyre was fine, but my alloy wheel was cracked, and needed replacing. They refunded the cost of the tyre I didn’t need, less £10 for attending, (fair) and I went to Vauxhall.
    £300 for a new alloy wheel, fitted on Wednesday. A short dog walk, freezing cold, followed by pizza for dinner. Now that’s mundane. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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