Mundanity Monday

Another week completed of B&W with (mostly) no people.

On Monday my shiny new (well almost new- ‘good as’ according to amazon) 23mm lens arrived.

I forgot to do a shot on Tuesday 🙄

On Wednesday the moon was out in daylight and though I did get a sharp shot, I like this one with the blurry bird and moon better

It snowed on Thursday

and on Friday Frego came back to do a shoot, she brought assistants and they had a tea break or two during the shoot

Phil spent  Saturday changing stereo equipment from one room to another

and on Sunday Sophie and I went off to Newcastle to do a Heritage tour of the 17th Century Guild Hall, which will be reported on the Universe blog at some point.




16 thoughts on “Mundanity Monday

  1. Hurrah! Frego returns! I like the shot of her in the snow.
    Mundane Monday here. Sunny but cold, dog walk soon, and Tesco after that. I know how to live! 🙂
    Is that 23 mm lens equivalent to 35 mm in full frame? Should be a great all-rounder.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Love the moon bird picture! How cute… welcome back Frego! My hubs was supposed to fly out to London last night but they canceled his flight because of the snow. When I spoke with him a few minutes ago I asked how the snow was and if it was so nice to have snow there. His response surprised me and made me laugh, “No! No one shovels here. It’s just ice everywhere!” LOL. We shovel a lot here in Colorado. 😉

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