Thursday Thoughts

It’s taken me a while to get back here to The Other Place while I’ve been concentrating on getting 2017’s posts up on The Universe blog.  I didn’t know what to do with this place either for 2018.  I kept reading other people’s posts about exciting goals/resolutions for their blogs in 2018, but couldn’t really get enthused about any for my own. I didn’t want to keep doing the same old thing, but couldn’t get inspired or think of a project.  On top of the creative limbo, I’ve had and still have the damned flu thing that’s sweeping the world. Phil has it too, so we are a sorry pair at the minute,coughing and spluttering and sniffling our way through the days wishing it would go away. :/

I have though now found a little project I’ll share on the blog.  Last year I wrote a post on the Hipstamatic app on the  iPhone (HERE) and I’ve just bought the latest new lens/film pack for it.  When I looked at the ‘my gear’ section I find over the years I’ve built up 87 different packs, that comes to about £86! Not much in the grand scheme of things, (I’ve had the app since it came out in 2009) £9 per year really, but I’ve never really used the packs purposefully.  I’ve taken pictures with it of course, and then faffed about with the ‘lenses’ and ‘films’ to process the shot, but never chosen a pack first for a specific shot. So this year I’m going to take a picture with every pack, and see what each one does. Monday Mobile Moments will be resurrected for the project.

I still do the Sunday Challenge over on Ipernity photo site and I thought I just might post those shots here too. Probably on a Sunday 🙂

For regular visitors, you’ll remember last year I decided to grow my own veg, and what a disaster THAT turned out to be (goddamned horrid worm thingys) though I did get a few tasteless potatoes  and a good crop of herbs. So this year I’m just growing herbs, building on success and ditching the failure seems a good way to go 🙂 . Instead of trying to grow food, I’m making the effort to cook it instead, not that I don’t already, but I’m trying out lots of new recipes I’m finding on various cooking blog sites, and I might feature the good ones on here, I could do with some practice on food photography.

I love reading blogs where people review books, TV, movies etc and I’m not very good at that so I’ve been thinking I might have a go now and then, but I’m blowing hot and cold on it as it doesn’t involve my camera!  I think my pictures are much more interesting than my words.

So we will see. There’s not much structure in this is there?  🙂 but I’m OK with that, I’ll post stuff willy nilly as and when and that’ll do.

Last night my dear husband woke me up at 1am to tell me it was snowing 🙄 and though I’m eye-rolling, really I was pleased and stayed up for half an hour watching it come down in big fluffy white blobs.  I took a shot of it with the iPhone which came out pretty rubbish

but this morning I set the alarm for sunrise time and watched the transformation

Here comes the sun doo-dn doo-doo

Most of it’s thawed now, yet again a one day snow day for us, though the west of the country still has swathes of it and no doubt Scotland has a good share.

Oh and one more thing, for Frego fans, she got a gorgeous box of chocolates for Christmas, which she didn’t share at all! I imagine she will be popping up in the blog now and then.






23 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. More Frego for sure, but you knew I would say that. 🙂
    I have been missing these Thursday Thoughts. I always enjoy them
    (We didn’t get the snow, but I was awake before dawn by howling gales. Some trees down locally, but fortunately, our oaks are still standing!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Love the ‘rubbish’ snow shot and looking forward to finding out about hipstamatic-y stuff…and good for you with the herbs…I cant grow anything but life is too do anything but work to your strengths I figure.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about the flu thing: I hope you will recover soon. That can be seriously annoying 😢😢 Whatever you come up with for your blog, it is going to be okay. Even though I haven’t been following you for a long time yet (seriously how I did not discover your blog earlier is one of life’s great mysteries I guess). But it has really been a blast so far. Oh, and the pictures, especiallu the ones with the sun rising were incredible 😀😀

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  4. We had a few flakes of snow here, as well. They froze on top of the chicken coop. There were at least 20 of them.

    I grow fruit and veg. My strawberries and courgettes are my greatest successes, but the slugs love just about everything I grow.

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    1. Cheers April, I didn’t get slugs so much, but some horrid maggoty looking things buried themselves in all my cauliflowers and broccoli and attacked the stems and roots, it was a nightmare from which the veg and me never recovered!

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  5. I always enjoy your insights in word and or pictures, keep em coming.
    One of my favourite songs, will have to give it a spin in the morning if the suns up, planty of snow to light up.
    Get well soon to the pair of you.

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  6. Well, who can blame Frego for not sharing? Look how amazing those chocolates look.

    As for blog posts, I just enjoy whatever you post. Perhaps there is a way to incorporate books and photograph – like taking pictures of particular words which strike you, or even short phrases.

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  7. Sounds like a good project. I was thinking of replacing my phone with one with a better camera. I’m not often without by big monstrosity, but there are some shows were you just can’t bring any kind of lens in and I rely on my phone. I have not yet been brave enough to venture out into anything else.

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  8. This flu that’s been going around is more like the plague… It never let’s go. I have absolutely no green thumb, so is it sad that I was pleased to hear you failed at your veggie garden?? Lol! It made me feel like less of a loser! 😉 good luck with your herbs.. I somehow managed to kill those too.. And they’re supposed to be SO EASY! .. Well, my cat and my man are still alive.. So, it’s not all bad!

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