Friday Feathers

It’s been a quiet day at Fraggle Manor, waiting to go and fetch Phil home from the hospital.  The Doc wanted to keep him in another night as his infection is still rampant and give him more IV antibiotics, but he couldn’t cope with it. He had very little sleep, not surprising when someones taking your blood pressure every hour! so came home with tablets to take instead, and with a promise he’d go back in if he got worse, and we go back on Sunday for more blood tests.  That took all day to sort out, a 4 hour wait for the tablets to be delivered to the ward and ended up with him having to go to the pharmacy as they were just about to close and they still hadn’t arrived! So I’ve been doing a bit of housework and washing, and dripping about waiting and taking pictures of the Happy Eater clients, and mundane things.

Great Tit
Blue Tit
Do you know these life forms?
Medicine for the soul
waiting for Phil




16 thoughts on “Friday Feathers

  1. Pretty much no one is really able to sleep in a hospital I think. Too much going on every night. I really hope he is going to feel better soon. But don’t forget to take good care of yourself as well. Things like this can really be rough.
    Also…the pictures for the birds are amazing. Hope you will both have a good weekend 😊

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  2. I’m glad he’s home and I hope he’s still there.

    Hospital pharmacies have a different concept of time. I know they’re busy, but “It will be ready in an hour” gives you the chance to go away and do something, “It will be ready in 15 minutes” said to you three times does not.

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  3. Good to hear Phil is back, he now has undivided 24/7 care in the comfort f your own home.
    Watch out for that Lightyear character, I hear he gets all Spanish sometimes and you don’t want their flu as well 🙂

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