Happy Something-or-other day

We don’t do Valentines day at Fraggle Towers, (a bit like we don’t really do Christmas 😃 or birthdays 😱 ).  The gentleman of the house bought me some flowers last week to cheer me up as I’d been a bit under the weather, and that means more to me than overpriced red roses because he’s ‘supposed to’.  I feel for single people, especially the young ones who’ve never had a boy/girl friend and the newly divorced or dumped, and my friend Brenda who says she is no longer waiting for Mr.Right as she can’t even find a Mr.He’ll Do!

So for anyone in those categories……………….



🤪 😘

17 thoughts on “Happy Something-or-other day

  1. We do what I think of as a ‘moderate’ V-Day. A nice card (not over the top), some chocolates (funnily enough Lindor truffles this year…) and a bunch of ‘normal ‘ flowers. (Tulips, bought on Monday.) Julie took me out for a Chinese meal in Swaffham, but they had no V-Day specials, or bling there. Out at at 7:10, home by 9:25. Not exactly riotous. 🙂
    I have had a few spent alone, can’t say it ever bothered me at the time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Well I can definitely relate to your friend Brenda. I have reached that some point (only my case it’s miss right lol😂). So yeah kind of given up hope.
    These were great though. Especially liked the “I’m cursed or something” one. This was a great laugh indeed. Thanks for this post! 😊😊

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    1. Don’t give up hope. But sometimes you have to put yourself in a place where love can happen, and it’s not blogging in front of your laptop/PC. But I sound harsh and don’t mean to, all my love affairs happened by getting to know someone in the flesh, in the days before whatsapp tinder Facebook and WordPress. You are such a lovely person, that’s so apparent on your blog and interactions, it needs to happen in the corporal world too. 😘

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      1. Actually, I had a love connection on my first blog! She was American, he was from you neck of the woods. They fell in love, she moved over to him, and now they have a daughter together and a very happy marriage!

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      2. After having been alone for almost 20 years now, I can’t help but lose hope. You don’t sound harsh at all, really no worries about that. Trust me, I don’t always sit behind a laptop (or in my case IPad lol), but I just never get a break. Women always see me as that kind friend that they can talk too, and who always listened and gives kind advice, but never in a romantic kind of way so to speak. It’s really okay though. I have resigned myself to it right now, and if it will happen, it happens…but I’m not getting my hopes for that. Sometimes that’s just better 😊
        Thanks for your very kind comment though..really appreciate it a lot, truly mean that 😊

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  3. These are so funny! I know I’m late to the party… was in Mexico and took a lot of time off from computer stuff. I’ve always said Valentine’s Day is just a way to make single people feel badly about themselves because when you’re in a relationship, the day is not that meaningful. I kinda feel that way about midnight on New Year’s Eve too. 😉

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