Thursday Thoughts

It’s all about the snow of course. The pesky white stuff that is inundating the British Isles at the moment. Facebook is full of camera phone shots of people’s back gardens or streets, the news is all about the disruption to schools and travel.  The met office is issuing yellow, amber, red weather warnings. (Don’t go out if you’re in the red area as you’re likely to die!). People went out and stock piled food items so nothing is left in the smaller shops. 20 vehicle crash on the A19, the A1 is closed now too and police warnings telling people to stop being stupid and stay home.  The whole of the North East is shutting down. People living in Canada, USA, Finland et al look at us and laugh at our inability to cope with this weather.  We have a few gritters careering about ineffectually, and there is a tractor company that turns them into snow ploughs for rent here and there, but on the whole we just shut up shop and hunker down until it’s gone. Disfunctional Britain due to snow.  Our excuse is that we don’t get snow very often, have even heard that we haven’t had it for over 30 years!  I must have been living in a parallel universe most of my life then.   This is me back in 1961, I’m the cuteypatooty on the right…

That white stuff  happened every year of my childhood, for a couple of months at a time, didn’t stop us going to school, we walked as we got older. Didn’t stop Mum from going to work in her car.  The roads were cleared every night and we had heaters in the classrooms. This was in Yorkshire by the way, I wasn’t living in the arctic. Oh but that was back in the olden days our snowflake (!) generation say, less traffic on the roads – what they really should say is less idiots on the road. I drove to work yesterday and the amount of stupid I saw had me swivel eyed all morning.

In 2009 here we had a month of snow, and I went to work as usual


but came off worse for wear when going downhill in Newcastle and an idiot in a great big Landrover pulled out of a side road and hit my car, knocking me into several other cars parked up on the other side of the road

I was really peed oft at the driver, he blamed me!!  The insurance sorted that one out so no harm done, and I continued to go to work in the replacement insurance vehicle.

The following year we had even more snow,

Herky 2010
Yoyo 2010

I went to work then too, without incident that year thankfully, but had to take Phil to work and pick him up a couple of times as his car couldn’t get off our estate, we live at the bottom of a little hill.  So why on earth everyone thinks we don’t get snow so it’s not worth investing in the equipment needed to keep the country going is beyond me.  I’m lucky to be off for the next few days, but come Monday I’ll be going back to work no matter the weather, if the roads are open that is! No metro service from here to there and the buses are irregular if at all. 🙄

Phil and I took a walk to our local shop this morning

for milk and vodka supplies 🍸 so we’re tucked up indoors with the heating on. Of course I’ve been taking pictures, (hasn’t everyone?!) mostly on film camera’s but also with the fuji,

and day
my bathroom window this morning


and I’ve been making sure to put food. out for the birds, they’re having a right old time at the Happy Eater tree, and I got some shots of our Bobby Robin in his element

Christmas card 🙂
snow bound.

and finally for a quick giggle press HERE



30 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Its the ‘stupids’ that make me stay indoors…theres loads of ’em over here too, including idiots tailgating, overttaking and driving around with their cars, including windows, covered in snow 😀 ….

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  2. Love the link and them B&W pics, great 🙂
    I’m sure the local farmers used to help out when I lived in that neck of the woods? Its certainly the case around here now. Each village has a contract out with some local guy and a tractor, ours even ploughed to the house….after I got stuck in the Niva 🙂
    Stay warm and inebriated 🙂

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  3. I agree. Although we have not had ‘significant snow’ here since 2012, most of the rest of the country gets hit every year, and the same old excuses are rolled out. At least you have shops you can walk to. I would have to walk three miles on the footpath behind the pig farm, and carry it all back. If the milk runs out at the weekend, I might have to chance the side roads and lanes in my car.
    We also got ‘our Robin’ back this week. I didn’t get a photo though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. We last had snow here seven years ago, so I would probably be one of the stupid drivers, although I do know enough to keep well away from the car in front and not to brake suddenly. One of my worst journeys ever was driving in Kent on snowy roads behind a driver who kept braking.

    I shall be staying indoors again, except when I put the wellies on to brave the snow and check on the chickens.

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  5. The same thing happens here EVERY YEAR when the 1st snow comes. I just want to yell “We’re in CANADA people!! How are you surprised when SNOW comes?! It happens every year!!” but, every year, no one has put on their snow tires and there are so many accidents and everyone just forgets how to drive! Lol!
    And milk and vodka!! So… The essentials!! I KNEW there was a reason I liked you!! 😄

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    1. I wasn’t best pleased! But he had kids and a Missis in the car so couldn’t go medieval on him, took a deep breath, took down his registration number, walked away and let the insurance company deal with it.

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  6. I love the old snow photos! So beautiful!

    I think we have gotten more “cautious” about snow here too. I remember in the 80’s in Colorado we could never get enough snow to get a snow day from school. Now it seems we have snow days all the time. Maybe you’re right– more people/idiots 😛 on the road. I also think we live in such a litigious society that whoever makes the call to close schools has to be much more cautious.

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