Film Friday~ Lomography

It’s been a while since I’ve done any film posts. My rollei is in at the camera repair shop, and am awaiting news on whether it can be repaired or not, but I’ve been shooting 35mm film on my little Minolta Riva & Minolta 35 compacts,  when I’ve finished the rolls I’ll get them developed and see what happened!  I had more or less given up on instant with my polaroid cameras as The Impossible Project, the Dutch company which revamped the polaroid instant film has now acquired Polaroid’s brand and intellectual property and consequently the price if a pack of film has gone beyond what I’m willing to pay.   I had had a look at the Fuji Instax cameras, as the fuji Instax film sounds good, 10 in a pack instead of 8, and a fair bit cheaper than polaroid and the film develops quickly without shielding or waiting 5 or more minutes.  But in checking it out on amazon the cameras looked really naff, and the size of a shot was compared to the sized of a credit card, so I decided not to get involved.  But then somewhere along the line I read about the Lomo’ instant wide, and on further investigation learned that this camera used a wide version of fuji instax film, had extra lenses~ a close up and an extra wide,  and a doohickey that enables you to do double exposures.  So I succumbed, and spent my pennies on one.

It’s a bit of a big beast, rather unwieldy, with a bonkers viewfinder that doesn’t bear much relation to what turns up on your photo, so have burned a couple of film packs getting used to it, but I am having fun with it. As well as lens attachments there are a couple of controls on the back to play with, a + & – exposure button, a MX button for the double exposure thing, and a flash you can keep on or turn off. You can also use it in bulb mode, for long exposures and light painting, or choose a 1/30 shutter speed but not sure why you would. And the lens cap doubles as a remote control which is fab!

The main lens is a 90mm f/8 (equiv: 35mm) and the focus ring goes from 0.6m /1-2m /infinity

I like the warm tones of the film.

I attached the doohickey – actually called a ‘splitzer’ , and had a go at a double exposure

need a bit more practice at lining things up, and getting the focus distancing right.

I also cocked it up the first time I used it but ended up with this Ghost of Phil shot!

But best of all is the close up lens, which none of the polaroids can really do, with this lens you have only to be 4 inches away from your subject, and I think this is where I’m going to have most fun with it.


Film Friday is back! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Film Friday~ Lomography

  1. The close up lens is very impressive indeed! I love the results.
    (Do you scan these, or take photos of the photos?)
    I bought a Fuji Instax when they first came out. £80 in John Lewis, no exposure control, and dubious viewfinder. It was easy and fun though, great for family gatherings or silliness. Trouble is, it works out around £1 a shot, and nobody else can have a copy. Best avoided. Mine’s in the loft somewhere.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hi Fraggle. Ages ago I tried to take up photography. I’m not sure when that went off the rails for me, or even why, but I haven’t kept up with the equipment or techniques. I guess I turned to writing instead. The Lomo is an intriguing camera though. I got a kick out of having a peek at your book shelf.
    Keep having fun. Hugs!

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      1. I’ve donated most of my books, believing I could get a job elsewhere and move. (I knew I couldn’t afford afford to move my stuff.). I still haven’t gotten to move, and I wish I had kept the books… I guess that means it’s time to hit the book stores! 😉

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  3. I miss cameras with film!! I feel like there is SO MUCH digital out there.. Which still had its perks.. But, I miss the anticipation of film!
    I love your pictures with the Lomo’ instant wide, very retro looking. The faded hues give it a very intimate feeling!

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  4. I do like the close ups and the Phil ghost shop could be some street art installation.
    I had to look twice at the books on the bookshelf as I now have (since building new shelves) a very similar collection of Roman historical fiction, but by different authors, so I’m looking forward to discovering Scott 🙂

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    1. Ben Kane is more of a Roman History author, his books on Spartacus and Hannibal are a real joy to read, if gory fighting is joy 🙂 Manda Scott’s Boudicca series is my favourite set of books ever, beautifully written, and starts with Boudicca age 12 til she dies at her last stand against the romans.

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