22 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. Fun! You are turning into a spy. I am enjoying the snapshot quality of it all. Also, for a bit more contrast, I really like adding an orange filter to the mix – don’t know if you can do that with your camera, but I like it when outdoors myself.

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      1. Using the gels is a great idea. I did that once, but after awhile decided the filters were worthwhile. Let us know when you do it as it would be really fun to see the results. I had a photography teacher who said the cheapest way to get a soft filter (back in film pre computer) was to smear vaseline on a lens filter, and there you go!

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  2. Phil you look hawt in black and white!

    I giggled over the termination photo – that’s awfully dramatic, isn’t it? Sort of perfect for this series.

    My true love may be the splashing waterfally one.

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