Film Friday

I’ve got a couple more rolls back from the developers, this time both films shot on the Riva Mini.  I used Kodak Max 400 and Fujifilm Super Extra 400 and have to say the fuji came out much better. Not sure why but the pictures from Kodak max came out very grainy- I could excuse it due to overcast weather, but a couple I took in sunny conditions were nearly as bad.  The Fujifilm was used on a sunny day and came out lovely.

But first, the grainy ones, and again at the WW1 bash at Beamish (digital shots HERE)




My cherry blossom tree..



even though it’s grainy, I do like the colour tones, especially on a blue-sky day.

Had another trip into Newcastle and took a couple there


and on the way home one Phil walking up the road that runs through the village we live in.


I am liking film more and more, there’s such a retro feel to the results, and I don’t have to do anything in Lightroom or Potatoshop so it frees up a lot of time for me to do my mosaics!




19 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. I still love this ‘old film’ effect. I also like the fact that you take the shot, and are stuck with whatever comes out. But I have just had a huge car disaster, so won’t be buying any film for my camera for a while, I’m sure.
    (Failed the MOT. Needs complete new exhaust, new Cat Converter filter, coolant leak to be fixed. Plus the service and MOT, the bill will be over £1,750, about what the car is actually worth to sell. But it’s worth only scrap value with no MOT, so I am stuck with having to get it all fixed. 😦 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That blooming filter thing costs £900 on its own. Funnily enough, I know that’s the case, as a dog-walking friend had the same issue with his Saab last month, and that has the same General Motors diesel engine as mine! He was also quoted £900 fro that part, after failing the MOT. It is the new stricter MOT rules, apparently. 😦

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      2. I bought it for the dog, as it has a huge boot. As it was a used car and I wanted an automatic, I got it through Network Q. It was 5 years old, had done 37,000 miles, and cost me just over £8,000 at the time. New price was well over £20K.
        I never use the ‘sport mode’, or any of the ‘gimmicks’. But when it is going fine, it’s a lovely car to drive, and economical too.

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  2. Rolls have a DX code that explains to the camera how to meter the scene, perhaps the Kodak is biased toward underexposure and the lab had to compensate raising a bit the grain, although I recall the first time I used consumer Kodak at 400 I felt it to grainy too so I only use the Kodak at 200. In any case loving your photos, they have a film character but at the same time (may be because the lens has not corrections as happens with digital ones) it looks also quite real. The penultimate photo is my favorite, with that blue that seems to be glowing from the building ^_^

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