Friday June 1st 2018

I’ve been neglecting this blog a fair bit this year.  When I started out on the Universe blog I used to intersperse Fraggle Reports on places I’d been to visit, with miscellaneous doings in ordinary life. That blog has evolved into just being about the history and photographs of places, and it seemed a good idea to have a different space for the miscellaneous, and it was so for a while, but I seem to have tailed off with it in the past few months.

It’s June 1st today and I’ve decided to resurrect the miscellaneous and give a little more love to this other place.

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Yesterday the North East weather channels were predicting dire weather for today, heavy rain, thunderstorms, damage to property and possible death in our region.  It seemed a fair bet as the nether regions of the UK had gone through the same in the past few days, it was coming to get us.  Well it’s 4pm now and not a drop has happened as yet, instead it’s been oppressively hot and doing anything physical leaves you drained within 10 minutes.  I re-checked the forecast and it’s completely changed, and now we are due to be mostly dry with clear spells, but also areas of low cloud, mist and fog. There may be the odd shower too. Weather forecasting, I know it’s not an exact science (why not though with all those satellites and algorithms??) but really I don’t know why I bother looking.

Phil took upon himself to trim the Eucalyptus tree in spite of the heat. I’ve had this tree for more years than I can remember, bought and planted in my garden in Hemel Hempstead, nearly destroyed by the neighbours devil-child, put in a pot and moved up to my first flat in South Shields, put in the back garden of Phil’s house, then transplanted into the front. Through it all it’s coped with the digging up and the digging in, change in climate, and severe pruning by Phil.

Those of you who’ve been with me through last year will remember after our visit to Eddy in Poland, I got all fired up for self sufficiency and started growing a herd of cauliflower, potatoes and broccoli. That went tits up when all the veg got eaten at the roots by horrible white maggoty bugs and I am still traumatised by the whole experience. This year I decided to grow flowers, and have spent the past couple of weekends in the garden centres. Then spent a few hours planting everything in pots and containers.

I know they still get bugs but I’ve got a spray and I’m religiously using it! At least all the herbs have survived and regrown this year, and my chives have produced flowers, which the bees are loving.

Apart from having a pretty garden I wanted lots of flowers for my macro photography, and if I don’t manage to murder them all there should be plenty to be arty farty and play textures with.

Phil had given me his old hi-fi rack for mosaicing, but instead I’ve varnished it (with added sparkly bits) and use it as a garden feature

Of course I have solar lights all over the place and it’s particularly pretty  at night when they all come on.

My good friend Beetleypete often writes of nostalgia, and I always tell him, not for me- I’m a future kind of gal, but I heard this lovely song on the radio today, and thought of Pete. But it works for anyone, even futurists 🙂


all photo’s ©️cjhyslop June 2018

click through photo’s for embiggened versions, they look better 🙂 





20 thoughts on “Friday June 1st 2018

  1. Yay to Fraggle’s other place!! You definitely haven’t posted here in a while! Your garden looks amazing. We don’t have white maggoty bugs here, just Bugs… as in BUNNY. We tried to do a veggie garden when we moved in and the ontly thing they WOULDN’T touch were the hot peppers! (I wonder WHY??) They ate all of our corn, tomatoes, tomatillos and carrots… little buggers.
    Also, great song! I haven’t listened to Bon Jovi for a while. 😀

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    1. Cheers Nicole, rabbits seem nicer than white maggoty things to me, at least your veg went to a good home, mine just wilted and died whilst the maggoty things munched on the stems and roots. Urk feel sick just thinking about them! 🤮


    1. We’ve had an exceptionally long winter, so much grey and rain, it’s been a lovely change to have a few decent spells over the past 2 weeks. Fingers xt for your weekend, we’re having the rain back, apparently. Maybe.


  2. Always nice to slip into some comfy nostalgia now and again. 🙂
    Nice flower shots, and good to see your plantings. Much brighter than mine, but as I didn’t plant anything, that’s not hard to beat.
    We had the same forecast, and weather, as you. Still supposed to storm later, but just ‘dullish’ and humid now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hi Fraggle. The flowers are so lovely. Your little garden “birds” are adorable. I’m completely amazed by your story of that eucalyptus tree. I’ve moved my piano all around the country with me, but never a tree. But then I’m absolutely horrible with plants. Even the plastic ones die. Happy weekend hugs!

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  4. Yay, flowers! Boo, maggoty vegetables! I once grew some broccoli . . . bugs everywhere. Give me the grocery store any day. What a lot of fun it is to see your bit of earth, as it were, and the eucalyptus tree story (I have an ancient rose), and such. I like herbs – about as close to food as I grow other than hot chili peppers!

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  5. A great blast of colour, much more interesting than cabbages to look at 🙂 You could try nasturtiums, a nice bit of colour in the pot and a nice bit of spice in a salad. The flowers, leaves and seed pods are all edible 🙂
    Great story about the tree. I love the smell of fresh cut eucalyptus. My sister used to boil a pan of the leaves in water to send the scent around the house, or maybe it was to clear a cold, I cant remember 🙂

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