Tuesday 5th June

It was our model show this weekend gone, scale models of course, not lingerie ones (sorry chaps)  of tanks and ships, sc-fi and figures. Known as The Northern Model Show, it’s well thought of and well attended by modellers and model clubs who display their stuff within a fair radius and traders from all over. I’ve been busy with updating the club’s facebook page, answering questions, and giving out info. On the day, Sunday I also judged the junior class and the vignette class in the competition and took photo’s of all the competition models that won, plus a few more.  So a good day out.  Phil doesn’t enter in his own club competition, bad form he says, so he was judging armour and the like. It’s a really good atmosphere, everyone’s on the same page  no matter what station in life/religion/political views etc they have, it’s all about the modelling and everyone is having a good day and is happy. Well maybe not those who hoped to win in the competition and didn’t, but that’s a whole other post.

Modelling really is just another art form, a blend of sculpture and painting, and some of the models at the show were fantastic. I’m posting a few of my favourites, and a couple of the happy peeps at the show.

bonkers display club
bonkers traders


The full album of models and other stuff can be found HERE



13 thoughts on “Tuesday 5th June

  1. Maybe not ‘my thing’, but I have great admiration for their creativity, patience, skill, and dedication. I bet they are a great crowd, and fun to know too. Well done to all those who made your examples.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Wow!! I’m so jealous! This sounds fantastic. And those MODELS!! Those are the type of model I appreciate, what talent! Wish I could have been there… Instead, I’ll save my money and enjoy it vicariously through you! 💖💖🍻

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