14 thoughts on “Friday 8th June

  1. Have oodles of fun! I hope to do some photography, film and digital myself – after I do a bit of a clean up and reorg of the house – still doing it weeks after the remodel was done!

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      1. No fun! At least it’s summer and you can BBQ and grill. Amazingly, our project was almost exactly 8 weeks, from the day of the flood, to final installation of the bathroom toilet. I fear the reorg is going to take longer!

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      1. It wasn’t that liked by superhero aficionados (or nerds for short 😊) but we really liked it, silly of course but great fun and Margot Robbie stole the show as Harley Quin, much to Phil’s delight! 😊

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  2. Now, I am picturing you doing a professional photo shoot around the UK featuring hip hop artists performing on the rollings hills of England.

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