Monday 2nd July 2018

Already we are into July, and so far it’s turning out to be a scorcher, well at least 2 days of it have been and we’re due a whole week of it.  I’ve not been blogging much as have been out and about with my camera and Sophie or Phil most weekends, and this week Phil and I are off to the Isle of Wight for a family wedding.  I’ll have lots to blog when winter comes back in a couple of weeks. As well as the outings, the kitchen renovation is STILL ongoing, 4 months since it started. You have to laugh as it’s not a very big kitchen by any stretch.  Delays and missing screws, people not turning up, it’s been one thing after another and we are of a mind that this kitchen is cursed.  These are the times you have to tell yourself there’s a lot of people living without food, let alone a kitchen, to calm yourself down, but it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t happen when they should. nevermind, enough moaning Minnie here. I thought I’d post up the random shots I’ve taken throughout July for y’all to gawp at.

a good bit of grass

Ben and his mate Dan visited last weekend, and cleared all the old cement and moss from the patio, and repointed it.


We had a lovely sunset that evening, and I took a picture of it , and one of Dan’s car as it was shiny 🙂



And Shelley brought the kids over for a visit so I took a couple of Liddy

Colouring in

I saw these two on the ariel across the road and it made me laugh because out of no-where I remembered this verse

“One bright morning in the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other”.

I must google it at somepoint as I don’t know where that came from!


Back to Back

It’s Monday and everyone is posting a song for Monday for some reason I have no idea about. But I’ve been thinking about Linda Ronstadt a lot since Pete’s post with Crystal Gale.  Sadly Ms.Ronstadt has fallen a victim of Parkinsons in her later years and can no longer sing, but Gawd was she awesome for many years. She could sing Jazz, the Blues, Rock, Power Ballads and Country and probably the telephone directory and make it sound gorgeous, have a treat and listen to this. (First few seconds are quiet while they start).


20 thoughts on “Monday 2nd July 2018

  1. Good ‘random’ shots, FR. It has been ten days or more of hot sun here, and set to continue. The nights are starting to get a bit too warm, but otherwise, I’m happy enough.
    Linda sings the song well, but it will always be Smokey Robinson’s song for me. 🙂
    Have a nice time at the wedding.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. A cursed kitchen huh? Reading this, I can definitely see where that is coming from. I’m sorry it’s been giving you so much trouble. I hope those troubles will soon become a thing of the past, and you enjoy a blessed kitchen so to speak. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    It’s crazy isn’t it? We’ve already passed the halfway point of the year…I was saying it today to a colleague as well. It’s just nuts the way time is passing currently. Either that or I am simply getting old.
    As usual your camera skills are just simply put: awesome. Thanks for sharing all of these, and the song. And of course have fun at the family wedding 😊

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  3. I laughed at the poem, it much be a Northern thing as I immediately remembered it and it will be recited to Malina several times today I’m sure 🙂 Some great shots as ever.
    Having just constructed my first ever Ikea kitchen for Gosias soap workshop I would recommend them to anyone, not a single screw missing and as long as you follow the instructions (after making a mistake in my case) then you cant go wrong..:) Hope it comes together for you soon.

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  4. Still renovating?? Wow! That is one hell of a reno! Love those shots. 💖💖 The one of Liddy is so wonderfully perfect! Glad you’re having a wonderful summer, even if it is STUPIDLY HOT! (it is here too.. We reached 45 degrees Celsius the other day. 😫😱) it scares me when you speak of winter back “in a couple of weeks” though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!!

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