Friday 17th August ~ Tales from the Homestead

It’s ruddy cold here today, windy, cloudy and showery. The heatwave is a long distant memory because August has been mostly naff.  I woke up this morning to discover a big bruise on the right side of my nose, just above the nostril. I’m not sure if this is one of those getting old things or Phil has punched me in the night and I slept through it. I tried to take a photo of it, but it’s too hard to do a nose selfie and I’ve given up.

Last weekend I had the kids for an afternoon and a sleepover.  Phil was at work until 9pm so I picked them up and took them down to the beach in spite of it being none too warm. They didn’t seem to care and had a great time digging a hole (not sure why) and running in and out of the sea.

The Hole Digger Duo
going in..
coming out

We saw one of the big ferries leaving the mouth of the Tyne

bye bye

and went passed the weebles on our way back to the car


Before we went home I took them to MacDonalds for their tea (I know, I know, bad Nanny) and when we got home from there found I’d driven home having forgotten where I’d put my purse,


I could not believe I’d a) done that and b) not seen them for the whole journey home!! What a numpty and I ‘m so lucky not to lose the purse.

We’ve had a couple of nice sunsets this month though I only caught one

in the pink

and in the odd sunny spell, I’ve caught a couple of butterflies, though most have been Cabbage Whites, only seen one Peacock and no Red Admirals, which the Buddleia used to get a lot of in past years.

cabbage white

Regular readers will remember back in spring we had a couple of little mice visiting the Happy Eater tree and munching on the bird food, they disappeared after a while, I am hoping to pastures new and that they were not dinner for the local pussycats.  Lately, we have seen one scampering about the back garden.  Because of his incredible agility, we have named him Tom Cruise, and whenever we see him we hum the Mission Impossible theme tune 🙂

Here he is, having leaped up onto a garden chair, then onto the armrest and run along to the end, then leaped again to get onto the garden table where I’d put out some bird food for Woody the pigeon.

Tom Cruise ~ Living the dream 🙂 

he’s faster than a speeding bullet, and can jump like you wouldn’t believe! I’m going to have to try and video his antics.

Sophie has been away for a couple of weekends, and I’m away next weekend, so no Toglateering Outings have been accomplished, it’ll be nearly Autumn by the time we get together again, but I’ve plenty of fodder for the Universe blog to keep me going.

Phil’s on night shift for the weekend starting tonight, so I’ll be in charge of the remote control, 🙂 and while he’s sleeping I’ll be in my shed continuing with the epic mosaic I’m making.  I started it back in January but haven’t really rushed getting it done, now the end is in sight I’m picking up the pace, as I’ve got ideas now for other projects.

About 4 weeks ago I gave up alcohol on weeknights and find I’ve lost 8lb which is a bonus. Just goes to show how many calories those bottles of wine contain! Of course, weekends are exempt from my abstinence and I’ve got a nice bottle of Cava waiting for me in the fridge which I’ll enjoy a couple of glasses of while I do the ironing and watch a movie. I’m living the dream too!

Happy Weekend peeps, stay tooned over on the Universe blog as there’ll be part 2 of Seaham coming up at some point.





20 thoughts on “Friday 17th August ~ Tales from the Homestead

  1. August weather has been disappointing here too. Though it was sunny today, I am missing that balmy warmth already. I stopped drinking at home full stop, a few weeks back. I haven’t weighed myself, but now need a belt to keep my shorts up. And I am sleeping better too, waking up earlier, and getting more done. The wine was making me drop off too early, often asleep by 9:30 pm. And there are up to 750 calories in a bottle of strong red.
    We are off to a friend’s BBQ at the weekend, so I will allow myself a drink there. It will seem like a treat, instead of a habit. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Haha!Look at your purse!Im always doing stuff like that….and 8lbs!Ive been trying to kick the wine no joy but gave up milk in my tea (mostly and am noticing a difference. I think I will try the weeknight wine thing though. Giving up completel yis too radical but am in bad need of losing lbs…

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  3. Those kids are just adorable 😊😊
    That picture of the sunset is truly amazing! Great that you managed to capture it, it really was incredibly beautiful 😀 Also: 8 lb : Good for you, that is totally awesome! Have a great weekend 😊

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  4. If I were on a sandy beach, I think I’d as soon dig a hole as do anything else. They were obviously having a good time.

    Well done on the weight loss. I’ve also cut back on the alcohol, although I haven’t go to the point where I only drink at weekends.

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  5. Hi Fraggle. Thank you for these lovely, happy photos. You’ve made me smile.
    Although the bruise is worrisome. But I bruise easily, and I’m uber pale and that makes it look even worse. The things we can do without realizing are amazing… I remember one night being just awake enough to feel the twinge of pain — I was trying to straighten myself & the night gown and felt a sharp pain in my neck… Cautioned myself to be careful not to paralyze myself just trying to get comfortable… o_O
    Sleep tight. Hugs.

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