WIP Wednesday

I’ve decided to do a weekly update on my latest mosaic project.  I’m hoping this one is going to be a bit less of a struggle than the last one, and am posting my weekly progress, thereby encouraging me to crack on with it so I have something to show, and not dick about dragging it out like I did with the last one!

This time I’m doing a smaller table top, and this is the table I’m doing

it’s quite old now, and seen better days, but it’s good wood and sturdy so I would rather upcycle than replace it with a new one.

I didn’t want to do a picture mosaic for this one, and am going for a simple, kind of organic abstract, using colours that complement our predominantly green & white living room.

So this is my design

I know, it’s not all that, but it’ll look better when it’s done. (Fingers xt).

These are the tiles I’ll be using

I might change it so the greens are in the enclosures and the whites are the 2 middlesections, but nothing is as yet, set in stone. Or glue 🙂

I’ve been waiting for some dark green small gold veined green tiles to arrive which will be used for the dividers in the pattern and they came today yipee.  My one big niggle is that the little island in the middle of the green there is going to have mother of pearl tiles, which are thinner than the normal tiles, so I’m going to have to cut little squares of 2mm bolsa wood to stick on the back of the tiles to make them of equal height. Not too onerus but a pain in the bum time wise.

I’ve done all the prep, plastic backing under the mesh, everything taped down and stable, some tiles already cut and ready to go, and now the small tiles have arrived I should be able to crack on tomorrow!

Hah there’s my slippers! 🙄🤣

anyway stay tooned for the next installment.


10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Looks unusual, and I like the colours. Out of interest, do you stick it to that mesh? I always presumed it was stuck on to the surface directly. (Not much for art or crafting, as you can tell. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. There’s more than one way of doing mosaics, you can stick them directly on and I do that for smaller items like boxes or mirrors, and then you can stick them upside down on brown paper as I did for the tiger table if you remember, but that was a disaster for me. The mesh works best for bigger projects, the tiles stick on the mesh and the glue goes also onto the plastic underneath it which protects the paper design. When finished the mesh comes away from the plastic easily so long as you don’t over-glue!

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