WIP Wednesday 2

WIP 1 

I’ve cracked on quite well with this one, and luckily the tiles I’d been waiting for arrived last Thursday, so I started with those.

On Friday I managed to spend the whole day in the shed so got a fair bit done. I’d already cut the green tiles into triangles, and the gold ones, so made a start with those areas.

The next job was to sort the Mother-of-Pearl tiles out, which involved cutting little squares of bolsa wood to the back of them so they were the same depth as the other tiles.

I also halved a shed load of tiles for when I started filling in the bigger areas.

and then got to it sticking them down.

So a fair bit done by tea time.   On Saturday I had an afternoon session in the shed and managed to finish the top large area and drew the guidelines for the next session.  It’s not easy drawing on mesh so my lines are wobbly.

On Sunday we had the kids over in the afternoon so I only got 3/4 of the bottom bit done

and on Monday night while Phil was at model club I got it finished.

Of course I don’t mean finished as in The End, but as in the sticking tiles bit is finished. Next job is to prepare the table (ta hubby) and prime it, after which I  wait 24hrs for that to dry, then I’ll be sticking the whole mosaic  on top with some tile adhesive and then deep joy, the messy fun of grouting. By next Wednesday my table should be up and running so I’ll do a final post on it then.




21 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 2

  1. Wow I didn’t expect so much progress. My back aches just looking at this – I hope you are properly situated in your shed and this finicky work doesn’t take too much of a toll. It’s so lovely.

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  2. Incredible how amazinly fast you have pulled this off. I think it would take me months, let alone being able to do it in the first place lol 😂😂 I know I have said this countless times: but seriously you have simply some amazing skils. Awesome, just…awesome 😊

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  3. The curves and patterns of light and dark make me think of an aerial view of someplace! The green and gold are really pretty, too. Looking forward to seeing the final project.

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