WIP Wednesday on Thursday Thoughts Day

The mosaic table top is finished and installed in our living room and looks quite nice and appropriate there I think.

I should have posted this yesterday but got carried away with planning our week away.  Regular readers will have followed my posts on our trip to WW2 sites in France, Belgium & Holland last October and as the model show that Phil attended at the end of that trip is on again in a couple of weekends time, so we are having another week travelling before we get there.

Still sorting it out, but we’ll be doing Arnhem and the Overloon Museum again, definitely Nijmegan which we missed last time, and possibly a bit of Germany, but ending up at the model show in Eindhoeven.  Of course a camera (or 2 or 3!) will be coming with me, and I’m hoping to give the Rolleiflex SL35 a good workout, but I’ll still need my Fuji for the model show.

Got a bit of a hiccup to sort out in Germany, who knew there were 2 Munsters??  I (now) know one has an umlaut over it and the other doesn’t, but it’s a bit confusing!  The Munster we want to go to is not as short a travelling distance as the one we THOUGHT we were going to. 🙄 Never mind, there’s still time to cancel the hotel! 🤣 But there’s a panzer tank museum in the far away Munster that Phil really wanted to go to, so we may yet decide to do it. Phil will have a fit when he gets home from work and I appraise him of this situation. The moral of this sorry tale is- CHECK YOUR UMLAUTS people! Make sure they’re not sneaking up behind you to b ite you on the ass! 

Laters Gaters 😀 

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  1. The table looks just right there. Well done with that, you should be justly chuffed!
    As for the Munster mix-up, Julie and her friend went to see Craig David, at Newmarket Race Course in the summer. They decided to stay the night, and Julie booked a nice hotel online. When the confirmation came back, it was from Newmarket, Ontario. In Canada!
    Luckily, she also had time to cancel, and re-book. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Booked for 2 nights so might be still Ok. I thought I colud do Umlauted Munster for a day as well as the museum the previous day. Just realised you meant Julie haha, my brain isn’t wired up right at all today!

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  2. You will be visiting Holland next week? For real? That’s so cool. Arnhem and Nijmegen are very close to my hometown 😀😀 I hope you will have a great stay! 😊
    Ugh, and of course before I forget (where ARE my manners 😅), great job on the mosaic table top, it really does look amazing 😊

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      1. Haha… I will keep my eyes out for that 😂😂 Arnhem really is a great place. I was there today at the cinema, but the city in general is great too. And as I said it’s very close to my hometown as well. Hope you will have a fun stay here in Holland 😊

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