Frego’s Travels

Frego & Slego

“Good lord, hello stranger! Haven’t seen you guys since January, where’ve you been?”

‘Spent summer in Legoland, but other than that have been really busy doing model shoots on location. I’ve been jet-setting to Bali and Fiji and the Bahamas for Vogo and Ello.  Done a couple for Cosmopolito too, though they’re a bit down market for my tastes, only got to the South of France there. 

“Wow Frego, well am glad you’re doing so well. I’ll have to pay to talk to you at this rate. How did you get in by the way?”

‘Through the catflap of course, Skego held it open for me.’

“Hmm, well I see you’re all packed and ready to go, what exotic location are you off to this time?

‘I’m not. I’m here for the Europe trip silly’. 

“Oh good grief. Really? Isn’t it a bit beneath your station, you know we’re going by car and ferry and seeing lots of war museums and stuff.  Can’t see this being your cup of tea at all.”

‘Actually yes I realise I’ll be slumming it, but I’m feeling jaded. A bit fed up of those vacuous 6 inch models tottering about in their half inch heels and talking of nothing but de-toxing and colonic irrigation.’


‘Anyway you made such a poor job of last years trip’s photo’s I thought you’d appreciate me being along to instruct you so you have some decent shots for your blog this time.’

“Thanks, I think 🙄”

‘Good that’s settled. See you Sunday morning for the off’

“Um OK, I suppose. God knows what Phil will say”

‘Bye Fraggle, I’m off now, don’t forget to get enough cat food for the journey’

“Do What?? Frego?…FREGO…..


13 thoughts on “Frego’s Travels

  1. Hahaha…😂😂😂 Seriously had to laugh at this post! (and I am not just saying that to make up for not voting on Sinead O’connor lol😂😂😂). Hope you are going to have a great trip next week! Definitely looking forward to all the pictures that you will be taking! 😊

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      1. Sorry I haven’t answered this one yet, it’s been a bit of a very busy week, so some comments I just like figuring I would get back to it on sunday 😊 But actually…no I do remember Frego! 😀 I don’t exactly know how long I have been following you now, but this is not my first encounter with her, that’s for sure 😊

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  2. She’s back! That got my attention. (Summer in Legoland. Good one)
    Are you travelling Kent>Dunkirk? I thought you would have ferried it from the north-east across to Holland, saved a lot of driving. 🙂
    Looking forward to it with due excitement!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Sailing to holland from here is a long old sea journey and Phil is not a good sailor. My driving is marginally better so that’s how we roll 😊 yes I thought you’d be pleased to see Frego, me not so much. 😉

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      1. I can understand Phil’s reluctance for a long sea voyage, in that case. I am not good on water either. Sorry to hear you’re not so pleased about Frego. Perhaps she could meet ‘Hanso’ in Germany, and stay behind? 🙂

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